Holy Week in Marinduque


Lent is a time People flock to Marinduque to watch the famous Moriones Festival in a spectacular reenactment of the legend of Longinus. Devout followers troop to Marinduque yearly for this unique festival. If it’s not your cup of tea, there’s plenty of beaches too!

The island of Marinduque is heart-shaped island. People of the island take part in the age-old ritual of the “Moriones” Festival. The Moriones Festival features colorful warrior costumes topped with finely carved masks depicting the fierce Roman soldiers of Christ’s time. The Marinduqueños commemorate this event by performing plays re-enacting the time of Christ. This is week-long celebration that starts on Holy Monday and culminates on Easter Sunday. Aside from these festivities, Marinduque is also surrounded by beautiful beaches. One of those is the Virgin White Beach. It’s a nice place to enjoy, relax and have fun. Celebrating life with dear friends.

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  1. muychichi
    muychichi ·

    Time to visit again my province in Dec. Nice shots! Hope you'll post more of Mdq. :)

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