Salt Lake in Tunisia

While crossing the Sahara after camel riding in Douz, we are heading to Tozeur, during which we passed by a salt lake. It is such a great pleasure to be here during the magic hour, the sun is not burning, and we have enough light to capture this beautiful landscape.

In this place, you almost forget the fact that you are in a desert. However, it was just too windy such that the water surface was not clam, but that is also a beauty. The boat there matches the whole picture so well, and during rainy season when there are more water, the view would be must nicer than now.

We did have a lot of time to walk along the desert highway with no vehicles. Enjoying the wind breeze and the smell of salt in the air is so nice. When we drove past this place, we still got to see a lot of small pond on the two sides of the rode, some of them are red in color. If you have time, drop by and take some photos.

written by candy_candy on 2010-09-02 #places #location #sahara #diana-f #salt-lake #tunisia #kodak-ektacolor-pro-160 #travel-destination #douz #nature

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