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Nowhere on Earth is heaven and hell so closely intertwined as they are in Yellowstone National Park. It’s an other-worldly foray into fire, steam, smoke and ice. The wildness of the park is unlike anywhere else in the United States…and did I mention, it’s inside the caldera of a super-volcano?

Get in your car and drive south from Bozeman, MT. Slowly you enter upon a valley that is bigger and more beautiful than anything you’ve seen in days. Eventually the road ends and you make your way through the Roosevelt Arch, now you are really in the thick of it. Yellowstone National Park lies between Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. Known to be the largest super-volcano on the continent, Yellowstone is considered alive and well and the proliferation of mud pots, geysers and fumaroles are living testaments to what is happening underfoot.

Out here wild is really wild. The animals are big and dangerous. Bison, Elk, Wolves, Grizzly Bears, they all live here. Most of the 3468 sq miles is considered back country. The ground beneath your feet is fragile and deadly. Sometimes the air you breathe, also deadly. But despite all the danger that abounds, it is a place of unearthly beauty and serenity. I’ve been here when there are forest fires and it’s hot as hell. I’ve been when it’s rained relentlessly and was freezing cold. It’s a place of extremes….and of course a perfect place to bring your analogue arsenal.

To really see the good stuff, you gotta get out of your car and get back into those woods. It’s in the woods that your mind is clear. your vision 20/20. your heart just bumps bumps bumps. Because in the end there is nothing like standing inside a volcano while encountering the wilderness in it’s most pristine form.

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  1. middernachtlopper
    middernachtlopper ·

    The gallery is so beautiful, is hear-tbreaking

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    furano ·

    absolutely great and amazing pics!!! :)))

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