Lomography Redscale XR 25-200


Lomography has recently launched the new Lomography Redscale XR 25-200 film, which is a new kind of redscale with extended range and lots of room for experimentations! Wanna know how the shots come out?

In sequence: ISO 25, ISO 50, ISO 100 e ISO 200.

The newly launched Lomography Redscale XR 25-200 is a redscale film, that is, with its emulsion reversed, but it offers greater latitude (the “XR” is for “Extended Range”). The film is rated at ISO 400, and being redscaled, the shots start to come out at ISO 200. But what happens when we rate it at ISO 100, 50, or even at 25?

Golds (ISO 50)

When exposed at ISO 200, the results are very similar to the typical Lomography Redscale, giving the shots the standard red look. As we increase the exposure, we realize that the shots don’t become overexposed at all! The more the light touches the film, it will start to stabilize the green and blue layers, not just the red one. As a result, the photos that were once red can become goldish and sepia, with hints of greens and blues!

Reds and oranges (ISO 100-200)

If you want to “jazz it up”, don’t want to spend too much money on slide films – which are unforgivable when incorrectly exposed – and don’t want to ruin your shots when overexposing, give this new beauty a try!

Sepias (ISO 25)

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Great!! I want to try this film, in it's 35mm and 120mm version! One question (perhaps a silly one...): at what iso value do you give the film to process? The official 400 one, even if you exposed it at different iso's during the film? Or do you need to choose one iso setting and shoot it at this value all the film and process it at this iso???

  2. leocardarelli
    leocardarelli ·

    Hello, @vicuna. The processing of the film doesn't consider the film's ISO. Be it a ISO 50, or 1600, the process is always C-41 for this particular film. Just drop it at the local lab and say to process it like a regular color negative. =D

  3. leocardarelli
    leocardarelli ·

    BTW... I appologize, but the second picture on the "Sepia" shots is not mine. I don't know what happened on the backend, perhaps the wrong asset code on my part. If some admin reads this, please remove the second picture on the Sepia assets (the blueish night shot). Thx! ;-)

  4. fookshit
    fookshit ·

    @leocardarelli fixed it just now. :)

  5. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    @leocardarelli: thanks for the answer! :)

  6. leocardarelli
    leocardarelli ·

    Thx so much, @fookshit

  7. cintu
    cintu ·

    Hi! my question may be silly but I recently bought a Diana F+ and don't know how to rate ISO 25 :S

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