Avenida Paulista


Get to know São Paulo’s most interesting and popular avenue! As many of you know, Av. Paulista is the place you have to go to when in São Paulo, be it for work or leisure.

First, because its location is more than interesting: between the neighborhood of Jardins, well known for the finesse of its stores and public, who don’t actually walk but glide through the alleys, and the Centre of the capital, with its antique bulidings, beggars and the peculiar women of Rua Augusta and its surroundings.

But keeping our avenue in focus. Av. Paulista is well known for being a versatile and frenetic place. There you will find everything from a simple bar with cocktails and appetizers costing less than R$ 1,00 to international restaurants attended by stylish people who have no shame to trifle away what they have (and many times what they don’t have).. After the dessert and caffeine, you have the chance to go to a comedy at a theatre or a cult or Trash movie sessions at a cinema, you are in control. Want culture? Go to MASP, here’s a tip: tuesday’s entrance are free of charge.

While talking about you, let’s talk about other as well. Let us not be egocentric. Block by block you’ll get to see a bit of everything, turists with cameras at their necks with a “where’s the jungle” look on their faces, Emo teenagers smack in the middle of skaters, rockers, surfers, hippies, modelettes, etc. I believe that the great mixture of behaviors, styles and realities in so little space is what makes this avenue such an interesting place so full of life.

written by jorgesato on 2010-09-09 #places #brazil #sao-paulo #locations #modern #avenida-paulista #location #turism #travel-destination #behavior
translated by rsadi


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    when in São Paulo, do what "paulistas" do...

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