Paulista Avenue

Get to know the most interesting and bustling avenue of São Paulo. At Paulista avenue, you’ll get to experience firsthand the everyday hustle and bustle of Brazil. Hold on to your purse and wear some comfy shoes as this will be a long and educational trip!

As people known, the Paulista avenue is a place where you have to go when you are here in Brazil, either for leisure or for business. First of all, because your location is more than interesting: between Jardins District, well-known for the finesse of your malls and public who doesn’t simply walk on streets but they “parade” on it, and downtown with its old buildings, beggers and those “kind” of girls around there.

But let’s go back to our avenue, let’s focus on it. Paulista is known for being frenetic and versatile, there you can find from the simplest pub to the most sophisticated restaurants of the country where you have the opportunity to see refined people who love spending and standing out from the crowd. After the dessert and some coffee, you have a chance to head off to a theater to watch a comedy or go to the movies and check a cult or trash movie, you are in control. Would you like some cultural stuff? Try Masp, the most famous museum in Brazil. A tip: go there on Tuesdays since it’s free. cool!

Speaking about you, let’s talk about others as well. Don’t be egocentric. Walking from block to block, you see a little of everything, tourists with their fancy SLR with a facial expression of “where’s the jungle?”, queer teenagers gathering with skaters, rockers, surfers, hippies, supermodels, etc. I honestly believe that it’s from this mixture of behaviors, styles and realities in such small space which turn this avenue to such an entertaining place and with a lot of good vibrations.

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