Spotted: Smena 8M on Nat Geo Adventure


The oldie but a goodie LOMO Smena 8M pops up in the opening and closing credits of National Geographic’s Adventure’s Blog Notes. What does this mean you ask? Simple. Nat Geo gets it: Lomography = adventure. Watch the clip after the jump!

Photo by: lolfox

The Smena 8M recently began showing its pretty lens on the Nat Geo Adventure television network. The Russian beauty pops up during the beginning and ending graphics of Blog Notes, which features video blogs from adventurers around the world.

The opening graphics include icons of travel, with the Smena 8M representing travel photography. At the end of each Blog Notes episode, the Smena pops up again (bigger this time) and snaps a photo.

Nat Geo Adventure network is associated with the National Geographic Society famous for its amazing photos from around the world. Besides the camera’s good looks, why did Nat Geo choose the Smena for the Blog Notes graphics? Perhaps one of the NGA networks graphic designers is a fellow Lomographer?

You can see an episode of Blog Notes here or click on this video:

Look for the Smena early in the opening graphics and again in the closing credits.

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  1. coldkennels
    coldkennels ·

    Hah, cool. I love the fact they (pretty badly) photoshopped out the Smena and the 8, but left the M (for some reason) as well as the distinctive LOMO logo on the right!

    Also: Did anyone else notice the finger presses on the shutter rewind wheel to fire the uncocked shutter? =)

  2. saintjacques
    saintjacques ·

    kids these days dont know anything about film

  3. cruzron
    cruzron ·

    hahaha. I'm guessing the photoshopping is to try to remove the brand name. But we all know what a Smena looks like :)

  4. miya235
    miya235 ·

    they're Smena alright. :D

  5. aim2run
    aim2run ·

    Wow really? They didn't get anywhere near the shutter release button! Heh, @coldkennels has a sharp eye! Heehee, we should write to the producers and get a competition going! Just pics from Smena 8M s!

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