Online Shop Survey: Let us Know What to Improve!


We at Lomography believe in the continuing improvement of our services to make things better and easier for you folks, so we would like to hear some feedback that you might have for our Online Shop! As a thank you, each complete reply will get 5 Piggies!

Photo by: jeepeng

Do you have something on your mind? Do you have a suggestion to make our Online Shop more user friendly? We would love to hear from you! Lomography after all, is a community and we listen to each other’s advice to make things better for everyone. What do we need exactly? Well, we want to hear your feedback on our Online Shop, namely:

  • What to improve
  • How do you find the shopping experience so far

We will be giving out 5 Piggies to each COMPLETE reply so make sure you’ve said your piece and written it well! We need the comments and suggestions by tomorrow at midnight (August 6, UTC). Please don’t copy or make duplicate entries here and on facebook. Thanks again and we’re looking forward to what you have to say!

written by cruzron on 2010-08-05 #news #shop #piggies #survey


  1. drudolph
    drudolph ·

    I think it would be great to include a list of links to wiki's on each camera. So that people who are new can feel more confident shooting their first roll. As well as more user images. Or film suggestions...

  2. lolfox
    lolfox ·

    The overall speed could e a lot better pecause the process is painstakingly slow....

    but my main complaint is the sluggishness in eliminating items from the shopping cart... it takes ages and with all the offers lately, items get added in which you haven´t ordered which is fine untill you eliminate other items and the free stuff remains, but this time you are charged for it.

    other than that it seems to work fine for me

  3. 60b
    60b ·

    Even if a camera doesn't come with a manual, some exist on the internet and links to those would benefit those who are unsure of their new camera. I ruined a film in my Fed 5B because I couldn't figure out the winder system once I finished it (I have got it sussed now). A "bag" with 5 or 6 random films (expired, B&w, 24 exp, etc) could down well with those who enjoy surprises like what four corner store do. Overall, the store is easy to navigate. Most of the product pages are packed with plenty of info on the item though I haven't had to use the compare tool as I generally know what I'm looking for.

  4. reneg88
    reneg88 ·

    Well so far my experience on the Online Shop has been rather pleasant. Only once or twice, it was jammed up but that was the time of the many crazy coupons when the Facebook page hit 100k fans.

    The only thing I would change would be that every camera would have a list of photos that display the kind of photos you can take with it, and I know MOST do, but for example, you can see photos from the Horizon Kompakt, but when you see the Horizon Perfekt's description there are no photos to display, and I know they're similar, but I think these kind of photos would help you study the differences between each camera. And so on, with other cameras that might have the same situation, like the Yashica or the Seagull. It would also be nice to include photos for each film, not just the Lomography brand. I'm sure you guys can search tags around here in LSI and find more than enough photos of each film you guys sell in the online shop.

    And this is isn't so much related to what to improve on the layout of the shop, but I really don't like being charged for the money difference, like, if I'm shopping on the USA shop. I still get billed for changing the euros into dollars, or something like that... then what's the difference you know?

    Other than that, I think it's my favorite Online Shop throughout the whole web =). And costumer service has always been very kind and attentive.

  5. aranmanoth
    aranmanoth ·

    I think that the lomography shop is really good but maybe it's possible improve it. When you look the main page, it seem a bit confused. There's many cameras, many menu, many things. If it's the first time you wanna buy at the online shop, maybe you leave the shop before making the buy. For that, i think that a better main page with more order and clarity it'll be a good point to improve the site.
    But in addition, the site is very useful, particularly the tool to compare the items. So you can see with one simply look the differences between two cameras, films or whatever.

  6. shoujoai
    shoujoai ·

    I'm very satisfied with the online shop as it is, but sometimes I miss some more details to the products. For example it would be nice to have pictures with EVERY camera and with EVERY film you present in the shop, but I had the impression that you're allready working on it.
    What I miss for example at the Efke infrared film, is a more detailled description: how long has it to be exposed in Diana/LC-A? Maybe it would be great to have a link to the existing film reviews.
    Maybe, when you do not yet have the pictures for all products, you should introduce a field, where the users can propose some pictures form their profile or directly upload it. Give them a few piggies until the first 10 pictures are together, and you have them after one day ;)

  7. trincheiras
    trincheiras ·

    i like the way shop is organized, its clean and simple. I don't like the fact that sometimes there's no warning when an item is out of stock. Last experiences with the carrier have also been disappointing. I'm making orders through the lomo shop since 2004 and the best carrier so far has been UPS. They were polite, on schedule and the tracking was perfect. DHL comes in second place, but this last one was simply to forget. Too many agonizing days waiting, no answers from them, and a nasty nasty deliver little man.
    A suggestion: free shipping above 100 eur.

  8. coldkennels
    coldkennels ·

    The thing that used to really annoy me was that items just disappeared from the store when they weren't in stock anymore. It's not something that I've noticed recently, so maybe that's been changed, but it was infuriating when you'd wanted to get something for a while and you finally go to get it only to find it had disappeared.

    Also connected to that is the not-entirely-true stock availability. I've ordered things that were in stock only to be sent an email saying they weren't available, and I had to wait. I understand that such things happen, but if there's any way to make that a bit more reliable, it'd be appreciated.

    Somewhat connected to drudolph's idea is that the 'microsite' idea needs revising - some of them don't appear to be working, some don't exist (see: the smena 8m's tips and manual pages) and some aren't very well maintained, but they're invaluable for newcomers and the like. If they were replaced with pages that are less promotional and more informational - and made more prominently accessible, instead of just a small link buried beneath all the "great promotions" stuff - they'd be much, much more useful. Maybe you could even have a sub-tab for each camera (instead of trying to fit everything onto one page, or into a microsite) that has links to manuals, community reviews, community tipsters and the like.

    That said, if you know what you're doing and what you're looking for, the whole thing is relatively easy and functional to use. The top bar and side bar both make navigation around the shop simple, so you can just dip in, put whatever you need into your basket and check out. But for those who are buying their first camera, it doesn't seem very informative. The page for the fisheye doesn't even list aperture and shutter speed, for god's sake!

  9. forever4
    forever4 ·

    I think you guys should have more products and accessories like bags/cases for those lomo. Also, the price should be in USD too.

  10. cubilas
    cubilas ·

    I think the shop and it's lay-out are great. It's easy to use and easy to find the desired product, if you know a little bit about the camera's. There isn't a lot to be improved. I've had no troubles ordering stuff, tracking the package and receiving it. Communication with the shop personnel is a-okay.

    What could be improved: maybe you guys could make a button that does a tag-search in the Photos that so a possible buyer could check out a whole bunch of photos made with that specific camera or film. Or a link to a specific review in the Reviews section. Whenever someone writes a review about the LC-A or the Horizon, it could be added to the specific page of the camera in the shop. Buyer reviews are important!

    Another, which some people already mentioned, remark is that online manuals could be viewed on those pages. That way, if you lost yours, or don't have one, you could always find it there. In addition you could cut on costs by not printing the manual anymore and just provide a digital version. And it's also better for the environment!

    Sometimes some films aren't available in the shop: I think they should be available all the time. And maybe some more rare films and camera's that are available for a short time (like the Vivitar UWS a couple of months ago).

  11. girl_anachronism
    girl_anachronism ·

    Nothing with the shop has been bad for me.... just the cost of postage to Australia! Other than that I really like @drudolph idea of a wiki... or reviews/tips attached to the items in the store

  12. dive-angel
    dive-angel ·

    I kind of like the shop, but there are still things to improve. Somehow it always switches to USA although I choose Germany as location. I don't know if it uses my browser settings.
    It would be also nice to get a tracking number of the order when it is shipped. Some carrier don't leave a note and so you need to ask all your neighbours if maybe something arrived. Right now I don't know if my stuff is on the way or still needs to be send.
    I like the suggestion of free shipping for a order above 100 Euros for example. Another idea would be to get some free films or other goodies if you are buying a camera above 100 Euros.

  13. jorgesato
    jorgesato ·

    so far I haven't had any issues at online shop. However, I'd like to make a suggestion. I really don't know about computer codes, html, flash and so on...but if you are logged in, would it be possible to show how many piggies each user has? it could be placed next to the original price so that the lomographers would be estimulated to get new stuff. Its seems sort of queer, but I have some friends who even don't remember how many points they have... thanks. cheers.

  14. guzh
    guzh ·

    So far I've had great experiences with the shop!
    But it's always room for improvement! XD

    Because of the vacation I had to know the tracking number on my shipment, so I knew when to be home to wait for UPS. It would be great if the tracking number would be added at "My account" when the shipment is sent!

    and when things is sold out it would be better if it said so on the overview-page also. You have removed the "Add to cart"-function on the items that is sold out, but I think it would be better if it also said "Sold out" or "Out of stock", where it usually says "Add to cart".
    Speaking of the "Add to cart"-link. It is only displayed at the Grid-view, and not the List view.

    As some of the ones above comment it would be great to have a review/tips section, and also a wiki-article about each product!

    Beside that I think it's a great shop, and it is user-friendly and looks good! (:

  15. icuresick
    icuresick ·

    I hope you could return the Search By Price option. :D

  16. gm_mcleod
    gm_mcleod ·

    So far everything is ok. Although I ordered the 360 spinner and then 3 days later the scanner promo came out so I missed out on that and that totally sucks! But the shipping is pretty fast.

  17. beachedlibrarian
    beachedlibrarian ·

    I’ve only had one shopping experience with your online shop so far, but it was a good experience. I like the simplicity of the shop, the multiple pictures of the product and (where available) the pictures it creates, the promotions/deal relating to the product and detailed but not overwhelming description and features.

    I agree with previous posters that *all* cameras and film should include a few examples of what you can do with them and that links to reviews or tagged samples from the community would be awesome. I also agree that the front page is a bit meh, but I’m more concerned with the content then the looks.

    One thing that I would like to see (especially as someone new to lomograhy) is the type of film each camera uses clearly stated in the brief summary description at the top of the page. I know that this information is abundantly clear if you dare to scroll down the page a bit, but it’s one of the things that I look for. Especially if it’s a camera that doesn’t use the “usually” 35 or 120mm.

    On a related note, I did notice that links from some of the microsites don’t work. For example, I was looking at the LC-A microsite and when I clicked on the “Buy the LC-A” link, I was sent to a page that no longer exists. It would be fab if someone kept onto of the links (or if I had remembered to report the broken link at the time … I’ll go do that now). Having working links to and from the microsites would definitely enhance the shopping/exploring experience.

  18. sabrina2611
    sabrina2611 ·

    My own shopping experience with the lomoshop has been good - fast delivery, but high shipping costs. Since you automatically have to pay shipping anyway when you cash some piggies, the general free shipping rate could be reduced to €100 instead of €199. That way people who order starter kits or their first cam (or just don't have any piggies to cash) would get free shipping.
    The startup page seems a bit cluttered with all the small images and every single category displayed. The menu on the left lists them all, so maybe it would look more structured if the startup page displayed some bestsellers/special editions/bundles.
    I agree with all the people who complained about the 'out of stock' note (or the lack thereof). It should be displayed in the overview and not just in the product description.
    And since people can tag photos of all cameras, films and accessoires, aswell as review them, that content should be combinded with the shop. It would be helpful to new users aswell as to people who already own the item and want to look up some tricks etc. The wiki idea that has been mentioned would be great.

  19. javierm4
    javierm4 ·

    I like the shop a lot, but thera are some thing that could improve. If you could attach the traking number to a mail when you order something would be great. Some free fotoclips or adhesive photo corners and free shipping over 100 Euros/130 USD or something like that would also be great, I´d buy and fast!
    And the best thing to improve would be if you could start shipping but from USA, I live in Mexico and it would be awesome!
    The shipping experience is exiting so far, but it could be even more exiting!

  20. passengerseat
    passengerseat ·

    I love online shopping and the Lomography Online Shop is one of the best. Specific product details and pictures let me clearly know what to expect when I order. One of the things I think would help in the selection of a product is to have links or blurbs of reviews. I know that there are review articles on certain products and having these links or a feedback system for customers who have already bought the product (eg. 0 - 5 stars) on the product page itself would be great. I was having problems deciding whether or not I should get a Holga 120CFN or Diana F+ a few years ago and I had to research on my own throughout the site or on the internet to make up my mind. I also agree with others that shipping should be free at a lower price range, especially since new customers are more likely to buy the cheaper range cameras rather than a whole package deal that costs more than 200 USD.

    Besides that, I find that the online shop has been a great experience, personally. It's really easy to find the camera that I want, the film that I want, and even recommends accessories that I might be interested in. Bonus that there is a Canadian shop now (I remember there wasn't before!) and pricing is in CDN too! LOVE all the pictures, it advertises what the camera is capable of and inspires me to try the same after buying it. With clear descriptions of what is included and accurate shipping & delivery details, shopping online at Lomography has never been easier! I look forward to seeing more products and more site changes to make the experience even more enjoyable.

  21. telephonewolf
    telephonewolf ·

    I've ordered a few things so far at the online shop. I like the look and "feel" of the shop, yet I'm always returning hoping for new content... a new product. This is a good thing for, obviously, but when i return to the shop, craving more analog goodness... I want to find it. I think many would agree.... More new and experimental films, more accessories, more notebooks, books, mags, clothes, print services, development/processing services, other misc "analog" goodies... music.... I don't know.... anything. Also.... Holga heads need more fun stuff... mod kits, more lenses, filters.... something! Tell you what, Hire me and I'll be your new creative idea man! hahaha!
    Everything else is looking/working great on the site. I'd like to see more workshops and maybe open a store in Pennsylvania... thanks!- telephonewolf

  22. nicholasdavidchoy
    nicholasdavidchoy ·

    I think its good to retain tags even though the camera may or may not be on sale anymore. This allow collectors to know what they do not have.

    I think the ability to make your own bundles might be a good way to get people buying. Some bundles currently offered often contain things that people already own and thus less likely to buy.

    Also, the auto update of prices for quantity did seem a bit confusing especially when there are 2 set of prices for the same item. E.g Getting an instantback bundle with instax and buying instax on its own will yield 2 different prices but yet only the total is shown. Perhaps a breakdown of the items of different prices might clear things up. And the reason for the price of that item can also be shown (e.g bundled with instantback or quantity >5)

  23. picantico
    picantico ·

    What I'm gonna say is not very related with this article I do not have an problems with the lomography online shop, actually i love it! My problem right now is that sometimes I just wanna buy a new film for my babies and the shipping becomes really expensive, I have the Diana F+, the Spinner 360, the Diana 35mm back, and the digitaliza, the last three I got them straight from the lomography online shop, the service was fast and easy, i really enjoyed as my first time ordering something through your site. What I want to say today, now, that you're giving us the opportunity to express ourselves :P is that it would be fun to have a special place in your store in which we can see the "where to find" lomography products. I live in Montreal, Canada, and I discovered a place where there's films, holgas, dianas mini, fisheyes, and some other cool staff, I looked up for the place on the internet and their website is not really working right now, so I can never see if they got new films or not, this is like a kind of clothes store, but you can find also real fun staff as vinyls, hats, cameras, jewelry, old fashion staff, books, all kind of things, when i found this place I wanted to share it with other Montreal lomographers, and today when I received the invitation to tell you what i think about your amazing online shop I said to myself, lets try it, lets see if it is possible to build a "where to find" place I know I'm not alone in this so it would be fun, just imagine.. more films, more pictures, more fun, more love. Thank you deeply for this opportunity, keep on the labor, you rock!

  24. amelinda
    amelinda ·

    The service I've received from the online shop has been consistently prompt and hassle-free. Bulk discounts on film are a huge help since shipping costs sometimes equal or surpass the film itself it bought singularly. The icing on a perfectly good webstore cake from you would be MAIL ORDER PROCESSING. It's just harder and harder to find good development. Also, one who knows what I mean when I request, "cross-processing, please," would be excellent. I would trust you folks!!!


  25. scorpie
    scorpie ·

    Things I noticed:
    - I think the "Camera Deals & Bundles"-section is a bit confusing, because the cameras are all mixed up. It's confusing when you're looking for a specific camera - there's still the "Bundles"-section for each camera, but since the general "Camera Deals & Bundles"-section is right at the top of the navigation it's likely that users end up there first.
    - In some cases, the actual product descirption is way too far at the bottom with a huge block of example pictures cutting it off from the top of the page. I love the example pictures and think they're important, but maybe you could design it in a way that users still find the detailed description or at least tell them they have to scroll to the end of the page.
    - I'd prefer if the "last viewed item" actually showed, which products *I* viewed last, and not generally any items that were recently clicked
    - In the german language version, some product descriptions are still english (no problem for me, but I guess that's not the point of having a german language version...)
    - For me it's still a HUGE problem that the only ways of payment are credit card and paypal - I'd love if you'd start accepting bank transfers or direct debits.

    So far my experiences with the shop have been good, though it's been a while since my last order. Delivery's been quick, but I do think 12€ for shipping is a bit on the expensive side (especially if it's only a small parcel - I ordered a diana lens and the lens adaptor and shipping seemed a bit exaggerated compared to the little box...)

  26. irina
    irina ·

    I think the online shop is pretty well prepared and arganized. But the first time i went to the Los Angeles store and saw the pictures from each camera i thought each product (camera) should have a link to the most popular pictures of the camera, which are normally pretty awesome. The mail order process is great, although tracking number would be nice. Also, I'm from Puerto Rico and it would be amazing if the shipping was not that expensive 'cause sometimes i don't order anything just beacause of the shipping. Other than that! I love lomo online and NY & LA shops!

  27. spoeker
    spoeker ·

    I'm very pleased with the online shop, every purchase was easy to made so far.
    For me a good improvement would be to add links to existing reviews people wrote about a film, camera, accessory and so on to the related productpage. That would be very helpful not only for new costumer :)
    I especially like the "With this product you can create photos like these" section, very helpful, even more helpful if you would add those photos to every camera, film and sometimes accessory productpage. There is no need for 1000 of them, just a few, like 10-20 would be fine.

  28. mackadoo
    mackadoo ·

    I have been mostly pleased with the online shopping experience here. It's pretty quick and easy. Although there are some cameras which dont have example pictures you can take with them. I think it would be nice to add examples with each camera. Also, I wish there was a way to be notified when an out of stock item comes back in stock. For example, I was shopping for some Agfa Ct precisa and its not in stock, so i have been checking every few days to see if its in yet. It would be much easier if i could just recieve an email or something when it arrives back in stock so then i can promptly order it :) It would also be nice if shipping wasn't so expensive. The lomography films are cheaper here online, but when shipping is added it costs me the same to just go the mall and buy some, which is usually what ends up happening. But overall i have enjoyed shopping here and will continue to do so.

  29. megustastu
    megustastu ·

    The lomo-shop has a good configuration, it's easy to go around and buy. My only complain is the tracking number that you e-mail when the order ships. You are using different mailing companies (UPS, DHL, etc) but you always link to UPS web page. If you have a DHL tracking number it won't work.

    Just as a wish, I want to find in your shop Polaroid film from the impossible project and a Digitaliza for medium format film.

  30. phiphu
    phiphu ·

    The only thing I want an online shop to add is a user-review. Sometimes when people want to buy lomo cameras or films, they need some information and some customers may never visit to and never learn about film or camera. Although there are some descriptions for every products, but opinions from other users are very important. For example, in film category, a short brief review from user can bring people around. The reviews with strength and weakness of the products can give a clear view to new customers (and also regular customers), and also give a guideline to them. Some reviews may say about some useful tips for lomograpphers, which can help lomographers improve their skill and may new lomographers get into lomography easily.

  31. jhen89
    jhen89 ·

    I think the lomography shop is doing pretty good. But sometimes I do have difficulty with the carts where sometimes items in carts suddenly disappeared and I had to add them again. Besides that, I think it's good to also update more sample photos from the lomohomes gallery because I have been seeing the same pictures again and again. hahaha. And it's good if we have a section for the users to rate and put short comments regarding the products. I think it will be helpful for the customers.

    But overall I'm really satisfied with the service that is provided by the shop. I placed my order on Sunday and it reached me on Tuesday morning. How cool is that. :)

  32. antibiotyx
    antibiotyx ·

    My online shopping experience with Lomography-HK has been awesome and hassle-free so far. The process of making orders is pretty easy and I like the fact that you can pay the items via Paypal and track the delivery status via DHL. It makes everything so much easier. The customer service has been helpful and prompt in answering my queries re: cameras and delivery time.

    In terms of the placement of products and links, the online shop is organized enough, but could’ve been better. It would be great if you could add a search box alongside the Category drop down menu (similar to the one you see on Ebay), or sort the items according to price. I also suggest that you add a bookmarking/networking option for products that users put in the Wishlist. Aside from sharing it via email, it would also be great to integrate the Wishlist to social networks like Twitter or Facebook. That way, you could share it to more friends.

    An online shop should also have a customer’s Rating section (see: Amazon), or anything to that effect, or maybe include short Reviews by users for each product in the description. Just a thought. Hope my suggestions make sense. Haha! Cheers. ;)

  33. geek-ersatz
    geek-ersatz ·

    Actually, what I'm going to say is not directly linked with the previous comments : my Lomo Online Shop experience is as good as the Parisian Lomo Embassy one. Anyway...
    I've just one camera - the Fisheye no.2 - & since the online shop is the only one to sell complete Diana F+ Clones kit, I wanted to purchase one : Qing Hua. But the 35mm back is black and I think it could be great if each Diana F+ Clone had is own color (chrome, white, blue for the CMYK, etc..)

    This is just an idea, even if it's not possible to realise it.

    Analogue love.

  34. morning-rain
    morning-rain ·

    I think the shop is good, but one thing I don't like is that the automated displayed currency seems to depend on the IP.
    If I'm at work (in germany, but we have british IPs) the currency is pound. It would be great, if the currency depends on user settings (if a country is set).
    I would also like, if buying without paypal or kredit card should be possible (pay for items using bank transfer or similar).

  35. nfxfsx
    nfxfsx ·

    More detail on the more manual cameras. Detailed instructions or more tutorials in the form of videos that can be found by links on the store pages. Previews of the various films showing what it will look like or what is possible. It would also be great to have a better look at the various cases and bags. Previews of the compartments and such. Another thing I would love to see is a Wishlist feature like Amazon where you rank the things you have your eye on and can send it easily in to friends/family/etc.

  36. renaishashin
    renaishashin ·

    What to improve : To me, it will be good if LSI can put a photo gallery for each product for example : Lomo LC-A+ with user's sample photos just like what we saw in the photo section and maybe for accessories, like Ringflash, consumers can view it at the online shop itself with a small gallery that enable consumers to browse it there. It can be viewed in pages. And also the availability of the products by just indicating a status bar or something, when the item stock is running low, you can highlight the bar in flashy colors to notify consumers.

    How do you find the shopping experience so far : So far, the transaction checkout and everything is fine for me except that the currency for the product is abit confused for me. Maybe LSI should put a currency converter for every country so as to convenience the users.

  37. tiro8
    tiro8 ·

    I had a bit of frustration with the online shop the first time I used it because I am in Asia, but was ordering something to have shipped to an address in the U.S. It was free-shipping week and every time I tried to complete my order it listed my shipping costs as $12 even though I had set the shipping address to my address in the states.
    After emailing customer service (who were quick to respond and very helpful!), I learned that I just needed to proceed to the next step in making my order and it would take me to the U.S. shop. So, it worked out, but it was very confusing at first. I think it is just a matter of making sure the shop interface is progressing along with the shopper.
    I agree with lomopop; that the asia and international shop site are not aligned and so some cameras on the international shop aren't available in Asia. Is there any way to make each product universally available, maybe with some sort of emergency distribution system; so when a customer sees a product he or she wants on the international site, they can get it instead of finding out it isn't available in their region?
    I also agree with several of the other comments that example photos and links to reviews of each camera and film would be really helpful on each product's page in the shop.
    I love the "piggy system." It seems like a great way to encourage community involvement and help us all out saving some cash. I know I'm not the first to ask this, but, is there any piggies could be applied toward shipping costs?
    Also, I think it would be fun to have some competitions where the prize was one item from the winner's wish list. It would encourage people to browse in the online shop and keep their lists updated and it would be a lot of fun.
    Thanks for inviting feedback!

  38. jblaze823
    jblaze823 ·

    I think my improvement suggestion would have to do with the advanced search feature in the shop. Often I like using the price search, so that I can type in a price range and find all the products that fall within that range. So when I use this search all of the products show up fine, but when I use the drop-down tab to sort everything by price from highest to lowest they are not listed in the corect order. There will be a few high priced items at the top, followed by a few low prices, then more high prices. It would be nice to have them listed correctly from high to low for ease of searching and product comparison. Overall the shop is great, just something I noticed through my experiences.

  39. heathu
    heathu ·

    Overall I think the lomo shop is great and I've had good experiences be it buying or browsing but there's just a couple of things that I would focus on improving. I know that the cameras have links to their microsites but it would also be useful to link to a review for each camera (if there is one) from the magazine. The other thing I would like is to have is a link for each persons wishlist on their lomohome because it's always nice to be able to send and receive presents :D And on a side note, piggies for birthday presents would be awesome! *hinthint* ;p

    Thanks for the chance to give feedback :)

  40. usestangerines
    usestangerines ·

    There are only a couple of suggestions I have that might make the online shop experience a bit better.
    1. I've noticed more often than not that there is a delay loading the various item pages. I've tried on multiple computers at different times, and it just seems to take longer than most sites to load. This isn't terribly inconvenient because it eventually will load, I may just be impatient to compile my wish list. ;)
    2. I haven't been able to discern an easy way to mark that I want the US store as a default. For some reason, EUR is the default.
    3. This may exist and I just haven't figured out how to access it yet, but it would be helpful to view past orders on the online shop when needed.

    Even with those three items, I love the Lomo online shop. I've had nothing but pleasant experiences when I make a purchase online.

  41. jaalvarez
    jaalvarez ·

    What to improve
    When you search an item, it would be nice to have a little window to write some word ... (If I want to search a Fed5B, for example, I would like to write `FED´and the system lists all the options). Noe, we must go, one by one, seeying all the russian cameras, and this because I know this is a russian one ...
    When I am logged in my home, if I go to the shop, I must log in another time ...
    Some time ago, I sent to you a suggestion, so that in the shops and stores all over the world, we could settle exposed films and take others in return. If the shop had lots of these films, it would be easier to do doubles with other lomographers.

    How do you find the shopping experience so far.
    I like specially the system to use the piggies and the disscount codes.
    I always used the international shop, because the spanish one is not clear how I can use the piggies.
    The checkout process inspires many confidence to me, it is very clear, until the end.

  42. w3irdo
    w3irdo ·

    My online shopping experience with the online store is fairly pleasant till date, easy to navigate, prices are posted clearly and discounts are indicated clearly.
    The ONLY thing that needs improvement promptly is:
    the items that are out of stock. Would be great to list all the items lomo has to offer, and instead of removing it completely from the store, a clear indication of the item being out of stock would be much appreciated by most shoppers.

  43. torium
    torium ·

    I just placed an order last week and I think the store is a bit slow. Some of the pages loaded for ages and there's some broken links. It's also unfortunate that some of the sold-out items are still in there and you don't know that they are sold out until you wait the item page to load. But the store is still quite good, better than most of the online stores. And the customer service is really helpfull! Search by price would be nice and it would be awesome to have links from film item pages to film reviews. Also sometimes it's hard to know wich kind of images the camera produces... links to the most popular photos?

  44. rsadi
    rsadi ·

    I bought a Diana F+ some while back. I didn't find the whole process very slow. It seemed like a good online shop. Overall, even though there are many items and you may get confused on the way to the one you really want, it is also a good online shop to browse around.

    Things I think would improve the store:

    The pictures regarding the item are sometimes very vague, only showing the exterior or even just the box it comes in.

    Listing the characteristics of the item, as for example what it includes is very good, but maybe a good idea would be to list what it does not include, and show a link to that item in the store. (I had to call Lomography to figure out if the leather casing for the Diana F+ had space or not for the Diana F+ Flash)

    Along with the bundle promotions (which I think is good!), the online shop could have a "Users who bought this item also bought these.."

    Last thing: The idea of most sold items is good, but maybe a little more detail would be better, for example: Most sold Holga accessories, or most sold Fashion accessories.

    anyways, maybe some of these comments are already included and I messed up, but I don't remember seeing any of that.


  45. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·

    I like the online shop, but in my last order I was kind of disapointed because I picked up many rolls that the web let me choose and then they weren't available, so I had to go back and choose others... At the end, I did my order and a few days later i recived a mail from the shop telling me that one film was out of stock... so, what to improve? Maybe put a red label "out of stock" or "not available right now" on the thumbnail mage of the films that aren't available? that would be nice and it'll make the shopping faster. Examples of the films photos would be great!!! And I really like the shopping on line experience, it's exciting to wait till they arrive and to open the box full of films :D.

  46. ak47lomogurl
    ak47lomogurl ·

    * What to improve

    1. Currency and Cookies
    I don't know if you use cookies or not but whenever I log in the Philippines i get redirected to the Asian Shop. and the default pricing is in HK$. It's a hassle to keep changing the settings ALL the time (I go to the shop at least 2x a week). Maybe it would work if you saved "Last Used Settings" in the people's login or just use cookies for it. This will be very useful for people like me who travel a lot and who purchase from different locations. :)

    * How do you find the shopping experience so far

    Selecting items and putting them in the cart is very easy.. One feature I dont use though is the Wishlist -- because I pretty much want everything! haha Checking out is also very organized! Overall its a very good experience! :)

  47. dogma
    dogma ·

    WoW i just found this entry and i see that lot of things have been already said. I really love the new shop and i dont had any problems buing products. I see some people say that there is no need to use a comparison tool, i would not agree with that. Evere shop needs to have it. It's very good way to choose a product, specially for the beginner lomographer, but this tool have to be a bit more user friendly. In my opinion the main weaknes of this tool is that there is no compare products list output in the main category view. If i click on the "Add to Compare" i see refreshed page and whats next? If i'm new user how could i now that compare list output i can found only in my account? I think compare list output should be somewhere in the category view too.

  48. nfocusdesign
    nfocusdesign ·

    I'm fairly new to the site and have only bought a few things so far. My question is how do I delete from my wish list once I have bought the item in my wish list? Was I suppose to add to cart from the wish list to delete it? I may have just missed this, but it might be nice to let people know orders are being processed in Paris. My first order was put on hold until my bank verified that I made the purchase. They won't release transactions outside the US until verified. A little heads up would have been nice. Other than that, my experience has been fine.

  49. gnarlyleech
    gnarlyleech ·

    I don;t like the home page of the shopping site. I think it should be more like the community site. It could show some news about new products, more pictures of people using lomography items like camera, bags, shirts, etc. Also sometimes I cannot find some products. I was trying to find the diana flash but I could only find the black one.
    Also maybe update the pictures that are shown with the products. Like the pictures on the lc-a page and the films page. They are the same pictures all the time. Maybe have some contest every year or so and who ever wins gets their pictures shown on the products page.
    I think there should be a lot more t-shirts and clothes to choose from. Maybe have a contest and someone could get their picture put on a shirt. You could do a new shirt contest every month and people could buy it. The shirt could also be listed on that persons home page.

  50. funfactor
    funfactor ·

    Hi, I've just bought some stuff on the online shop. I would like to make a couple of suggestions:
    The shop works a bit slow, it get a bit annoying to pass from one product to the other and to add to chat and make the check out.

    Also I would like to expend the number of piggys I want and not the ones that the pages let me use I mean why I need to expend all the piggys in once or why I cannot use 54 piggys for pay 53,5?

    Also it would be useful to can put the products in the order I want, by price or name for example. This will make the search of a product much faster in some cases.

    Also I need to say that the shop never give me any problem of don't charge right or get stuck so i wwould like to congratulate you guys for that. This fact make the shop really trustable. Also say that the attention I've received when I had some problem or some product was out of stock was always excellent.

    I hope this message can help to improve a bit more the shop.

  51. lomodirk
    lomodirk ·

    Improve: Don`t know if this is only with my wishlist, but it doesn`t work, every time I want to see my wishlist there is some strange code...
    And wasn`t there in the old shop some price search? You know, <50€, 51 - 100€ and so on...And suggestions for that price range?
    A Wiki sounds great, GLS is fast but shipping costs are really high...

    Shopping experience: I`m really satisfied with the shop, clean, easy navigation and fast treatment. Just as it has to be...

  52. ululchen
    ululchen ·

    I think it would be helpful to include a link to the FAQ on a product (if there is one on that product) in the product description. For example, if you are new to lomography and you don't understand the differences between the LC-A refurbished, the LC-A+ and the LC-A+ RL, you cannot really find any information on that in the product description or on the microsite, but it is all hidden in the FAQ. It took me quite a while to understand the differences of these cameras and in what they change their abilities and I only found out when I stumbled over it in the FAQ section when I was looking for an answer to another question.

  53. photohuggers
    photohuggers ·

    I tried to make a purchase less then a week ago, but it didn't work out so I still have my piggies. The problems were:
    - I tried to use a coupon but when I got to paying with my credit card I got an error message so I had to start again, but then the coupon was no longer available because I "used" it previously. After that I asked in costumer support for the coupon to be available again (very quick answers!!! that was great!!)
    - in my next try I got an error with the credit card because maestro is only available in the UK (never saw this written on the site). But although there was an error, my piggies were gone! So I needed to ask for a refund, and for the coupon again.
    - next try with a visa card, got again an error message, so I needed to ask for a refund again!
    So I haven't buy anything and I'm a bit sad... But my piggies are growing stronger :)

    So IMHO what you need to improve is:
    - only remove the piggies after a successful purchase (including payment)
    - same thing for the coupons
    - it takes to long to remove things from the cart
    - the free stuff should be removed if you remove anything you're not eligible anymore (now it just stays in the cart but with its correct price)
    - when something is not available it would be nice to have some idea if it's going to be available soon, in a couple of weeks, or if maybe it's not going to be available anymore
    - maybe in the wishlist there could be an option to "group" things, like when we want to buy a camera and lenses so that those things could be together

    And you definitely need to have 35mm B&W film! Bulk film (30 meters!) and a bulk loader would be great!!!! That's the cheapest way to have film and it's not so easy to find these days!!!

  54. eskimofriend
    eskimofriend ·

    I already left most of my feedback on facebook but I have one more thing, with so many photolabs cutting down on their analogue service it would be amazing if you could offer some kind of mail in processing service. at least we'd know that our rolls would get the best treatment even if we don't live close to a lomo store!!
    besides that I'm really happy with the store overall!!
    oh and I still don't understand why shipping to germany is sometimes 12 and sometimes 8!?

  55. tallgrrlrocks
    tallgrrlrocks ·

    * What to improve
    -Whenever I log on, my last modifications on My Cart and My Wishlist disappears, and when I update it, the items get duplicated. I almost ordered 3 Diana Minis when I clicked Checkout!
    -There was a system error regarding the Retail Therapy promo. I was made to understand during my transaction that I would be getting 2 sets of 3pcs. Klick Max Film & 2 sets of Buttons for free. Good thing I was tracking my delivery because I found out there was an error along the way, and it turned out I was only getting 1 set of the said items. I hope system errors like these will be prevented in the future :)

    * How do you find the shopping experience so far
    -So far, all of my online transactions have been relatively smooth. I've been receiving my goods in excellent condition, and delivery has been prompt. I have been fortunate enough to have been able to avail of certain promos such as 'Active Lomohome User,' last year's Free Shipping and the 24-hour promo for the LC-A+ package in 2009. Keep them promos coming! Good job!

  56. docrock17
    docrock17 ·

    I've used the store a couple of times, and for the most part, I thought the process was fairly painless! It is generally as competent as any other online shop. Most of the frustrations I run into come across in shopping, which I do a lot.
    My first complaint is the difficulty of assessing the prices of things when they are on sale, or have package deals going on. It would be very nice if the promotions were shown before clicking on the individual item (like when browsing categories) so that I can see, at a glance, the actual price I might pay for this with the promotion in place.
    Also, it never hurts to have too many pictures of the product itself on the site. Not photos taken with the camera, etc. but OF the camera, or the accessory. Also, a 360 view would come in handy; many online stores have that feature.

  57. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    I enjoy shopping with Lomography. Thou the cart might have some problems for such as, after I choose a product and add in cart, it might not appear yet and need some time to refresh then only the products pop-up. And sometimes after I added so many products in it, but did not check-out yet, i log on some other time and thought wanna check out this time, the items in the cart gone, it;s empty. So i need time to search and click the items one by one again. Erm, besides that, I guess i had no problem in the shop. It's cool to me, keep on the good work! :D I love lomography!!!

  58. stuka00
    stuka00 ·

    Ive only made an online purchase on lomography and it was swiftt and quick, except for the international order thinghy, i live in mexico and i inquired to customer service about posible customs costs. Of course such costs are established by the customs agency but i wanted to know if customer service had any kind of feedback about this subject from other mexican buyers, like aproximated costs (if any). I got a reply to my first email, in wich a customer service person kindly asked for my order number (I WAS QUITE CLEAR THAT I HAD NOT MADE ANY PURCHASE YET) so i replied that i had no order number cos there was no order yet..... i didnt got any other reply, and well, thats just not nice, a very polite Cease and Decist would have been nicer than just ignoring my question. SO, to avoid this customs things i made an order and had it sent to a friends house in the US.... suprise, you cant pay with a card from one country and have your purchase sent to another one ( wich is quite strange and aparently exclusive to lomography, for this is possible in any other online store) so my friend kinldy made the purchase with her own card... so quite complicated. I dont know about what others think but i find it very strange that a company makes it so dificult to its customers tobuy something.

  59. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    I used the online shop for?? I don't know. maybe 10 times since the old lomography online shop until now the new lomography online shop. I have no complain about the online shop. But I just want to tell that the shop have to tell us what product (films) is still on stock or out of stock? so we can shop more comfortable so we can buy a lot of films ( that's for me I think ;p) I think that's from me, I DO ENJOY SHOPPING ONLINE IN LOMOGRAPHY :D :D

  60. vtayeh
    vtayeh ·

    I love the online shop!!! I one thing I miss from the old online shop is the option to shop by price: listing all items available under $50, under $100, etc. mixing film, cameras and accessories. And it would also be cool to add the sort by price feature in each catagory as well :-D The wishlist and bundles are my favorite new features!

  61. redflackal
    redflackal ·

    LOWER YOUR PRICES! Not everyone is a rich New York hipster. Why in the hell do you charge $140 for the Spinner 360?? The thing is a plastic box, a small piece of glass, and some string. I bet it costs you less than $3.00 to manufacture one. Next thing you guys will start charging $100 for a box of paperclips.

  62. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    making the comparison tabs more efficient.

    lomo asia shop default currency should be in USD - why? because not all asians are chinese.

    the arrange by/ cheapest, alphabetical, etc is not working properly.

    i'm logging in simultaneously between different countries. so my settings always change whenever i log into my account. it would be good if the location settings can be chosen before you actually log in to your account. or at least it should be on the same tab before you log in.

    show all the products on ALL stores, even though it is not available on that location. some of the films that i want is on another store, so i have to but different films from different locations.

    other that this, the rest is perfect!


  63. poetpunk
    poetpunk ·

    I have only a few complaints, I wish some of the premium and rare cameras were a little cheaper. Many people refuse to shop on Lomography because they feel the prices are outlandish. They love what you stand for, but feel abandoned when it come to affordable cameras. I also wish there was no expiration date on piggies, sometimes by the time I have enough spare money, my points are gone, making it a little harder to shop. I think limiting the amount a member can on an order would be a good way to prevent people from abusing the non-expiring piggies, as well as limiting the number of orders if they have a massive amount. I would like to see a broader selection of films if at all possible. examle shots from all cameras and films would be helpful from the shop, so I wouldn't have to switch between the main site anf the shop to see if I like the product. Finally, a points system or some thing would be nice for repeat customers.

    I have only had a one major problem while shoppping, the paypal redirect messed up my order, however you noticed it and sent me an email informing me of it. I was very happy, because my was while you were running a special, therefor I still got my order at the special price. I love you guys!

  64. sthomas68
    sthomas68 ·

    I would like to see more information on your online sales. There's really not a "sale" section at all on the site, only if you have a 24 hour sale or something. Many times sales are only offered through facebook or twitter, and coupon codes become invalid after the set number has been reached. I have also been receiving multiple "lomohomeactivity" coupons in my email but I understand it can only be used once. Maybe the programmers can fix that. Removing items from the cart is cumbersome sometimes.
    But I love the site other than those things...very informative microsites and easy tracking. I get my shipments fast and your shipping prices are reasonable.

  65. claytonh
    claytonh ·

    I've never really used the store before and on thing that I noticed is that there is no direct way to get back to the main lomo page from the store. You should have it that the header stays their so you can easily switch between the store and photos or homes.
    Another thing that I've noticed is that there should be more user taken photos in the camera and film descriptions. Like pick some of the best photos for each product (and include the takers username).
    But that all that I've noticed that I think would make the store more "user friendly".

  66. claytonh
    claytonh ·

    Oh yea, forgot to say that my shopping experience as been very nice and all has gotten to me fast and well packaged.

  67. sciezka
    sciezka ·

    i think that there should be polaroid film, which is producted by the impossible project company - i'm sure, you've seen it. then, it would be really great to have a possibility to know where the goods can be bought offline - in which lomostores they are available at the moment, for those, who don't like internet-shopping. then it would be nice to think about new ways of delivering, 'cause the prices are too high sometimes.
    after all, it would be really nice to have a page of comments to the each good to make it real for people to talk to users and ask their questions about everything.

  68. kazarareta
    kazarareta ·

    hey guys, thanks a lot for all the input - we are now closing the survey and will analyze your feedback. please hold on for the piggy processing, this may take a while-

  69. reneg88
    reneg88 ·

    i just wanted to add that i'm impressed with costumer service. i e-mailed about my broken Diana F+ and received a very quick reply to send the camera, so I did and within a week I already had a new replacement in my hands! So, many thanks for that, and kudos!

  70. joejag
    joejag ·

    You guys are great at dispatching quickly, which is great!
    My only issue was that the amount of deals that were on when I was using my piggy points meant that it was really difficult to get to the price I needed to stay within, so maybe disabling the deals when you want would be good?

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