Micro 110 Holga : The Little Marvel


Known as the Baby Holga, it’s petite in size, but with huge charm lying within. well, let’s see what this tiny creature can offer you. :)

I have come across this Micro 110 Holga long ago in some websites, but did not bother to add one into my wishlist, because it’s really rare (or even impossible) to get 110 films in the Malaysia.

One day, my friend who just came back from Bangkok, Thailand called me up and said that she has something for me. Then, she passed me a little plastic bag which contains one Micro 110 Holga with 2 cartridges of 110 films! I was so surprised and delighted at the same time. This is because I had never thought of having any opportunities to take photos in 110 format!

I immediately loaded the film and started shooting around. This baby is so compact and easy to use. Its features include mechanical shutter; f/8 aperture, 25mm lens and a fixed focus. There is one rectangular frame lies on top of this little baby, serving as the viewfinder when it is pulled up.

Well, it took me only a while to finish shooting a cartridge of film. But, it took me quite some time to search for a shop who is capable of processing and scanning the film. Even though it was hard, but finally I managed to find a photo lab which is able to do it.

and now I am left with only one more cartridge of film. After finishing the last film I have, I think I will still keep this little baby, and attach it on my bags as a cute accessory.

written by jhen89 on 2010-09-14 #gear #plastic #review #110 #holga #user-review


  1. isabelbatteria
    isabelbatteria ·

    Doesn't the shop where you developed the film sell 110 film? And what about Ebay?

  2. claytonh
    claytonh ·

    Heres an article on how to refill those cartridges up with 35mm film

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