Leave Your Mark On The Hong Kong LomoLocation Map!

在過去的一個月,香港 LomoLocation 的征召活動正進行得如火如荼,本地的 Lomographer 亦自豪地在 LomoLocation 地圖插上了擁有自已名字的旗幟,正代表了愈來愈多 Lomographer 在這個城市裡留下了「到此一遊」的記號!

本地的 Lomographer 也擔當了一個重要使命,將香港最好玩、最特別的地方景點介紹給全世界的 Lomographer 認識!

Start from July, Hong Kong Lomographers are on an expedition to explore the fun spots in the city. Local Lomographers leave their mark on the LomoLocation map with their proud face on! This is a mission for Hong Kong Lomographers to show the world the best places in the city!

進入 8 月,我們又開始了第 3 階段的比賽: Hong Kong Suburban 和 Back Alley !我們期望你也能當上這個使命,讓我們一起去征服還未踏足過的領土,在 LomoLocation 地圖上高舉屬於你的旗幟吧!

As the 3rd stage of the online submission starts, we anticipate all of you to be part of the mission. Let’s us to conquer the unexplored territory and raise high with your flag on the LomoLocation map!

International users, you can also submit LomoLocation in English, the best English posts will also translated and edited into our guides.

Conquer with These Cameras :

  1. Lomo LC-A+
  2. Diana Mini White
  3. Lomo Lubitel 166+
  4. Fisheye No.2 Rip Curl Edition
  5. Diana F+ Qing Hua
  6. Fisheye One Red
  7. Horizon Perfekt
  8. LC-A Instant Back+
  9. Diana Instant Back+

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