Spinner 360 Shots by Nil


So you want to try the Lomography Spinner 360° camera, but feeling quite intimidated by it? Don’t worry and don’t shy away, folks – we promise that it’s extremely easy to use! Just take a cue from Nil, our youngest Spinner 360° expert!

Say hello to Nil – the son of Lomography directors Matthias Fiegl and Sally Bibawy. At four years old, he’s already a Lomography Spinner 360° camera expert! As you can see in this gallery, Nil had fun pulling the release cord to capture some snapshots, never missing out on any detail! Inspired already? Get the Spinner 360°, try out the tricks and techniques, and see what the spinning fuss is all about!

written by shhquiet on 2010-08-04 #people #35mm #panoramic #sprockets #nil #lomoamigo #spinner #spinner-360

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