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Loosely based on Jeff Nachtigall’s (dirklancer) The Art of Waiting project, WHILST WE WAIT is a Philippine-based photo-project whose goal is to visualize the future through a heterogeneous analogue-mixture of film photographs and handwritten letters with vivid virtues of anticipation, perspective and waiting. Would you wait with us, too?

One life-less ordinary day, I was doing my usual round-a-bouts in the interwebs when I came across The Art of Waiting. I was instantly amazed with its wonderful analogue approach, integrating art, lifestyle, and photography. At first, I was more than tempted to join their waiting list but I was quite hesitant because I might not be able to comply with the project’s mechanics. For about a week, though, I constantly visited the site and I just kept thinking about how awesome the project’s mission and vision are!

The next thing I knew, I was already thinking about creating a similar project locally and inviting fellow Filipinos, right here and even abroad, to join me with the brewing idea in my mind which was, of course, totally triggered by The Art of Waiting itself. And so I gathered my thoughts (and guts) and messaged The Art of Waiting’s founder, Jeff Nachtigall, to ask permission from him if I could create a similar one here in the Philippines. Fortunately, he agreed right away and he was even excited to wait with us, too. As soon as he gave me the go signal, I searched for analogue enthusiasts in my homeland and even the ones who reside elsewhere in the world. I got various responses and I also got turned down by some. Nevertheless, I was super ecstatic to begin the project so I had the waiting started right away!

Whilst We Wait started waiting last April of 2010. Counting by heads, we are 55 in the waiting list, including yours truly. Technically, each of us takes film photographs using our analogue and toy cameras but instead of developing the rolls right away, we would wait for a year before doing so. Side by side, though, each of us writes hand-crafted letters to reflect what we have captured on film and what images we actually expect by the end of the project.

September of 2010 is our 6th month of waiting and I am whole-heartedly happy with the project’s (and everyone in it!) progress. Contributors are continually submitting their lovely letters — usually composed of wishful wonders and delightful dreams entwined with wonderful words and dandy drawings — which are solely intended for a brighter, analogue future. Here are a few of our randomly selected letters, enjoy!

And some more crafty letters!

Writing letters in the old-fashioned manner has never been this fun and inspiring. However, we still have to be patient for a number of months before we, including you, can finally see everyone’s film photographs! I would be glad to share the outcomes to you, too! Meanwhile, why don’t you wait with us? :)

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