Surigao in 3 Days

Surigao City, being located in the third island of the Philippines, is one of those provinces that is hardly visited. This is such a shame for there are sights definitely worth seeing. I’m sure I haven’t even seen everything yet, but here are some places I’ve been to that hopefully makes you want to go there as well!

Two years ago, I went to Surigao City for three days and 2 nights with family and relatives.

Before arriving at Surigao City was another land travel from Butuan for about 3 or 4 hours. We visited my Aunt’s grave as soon as after we got to check-in a hotel. The burial site was located on a hill, so it was another almost an hour of travel again. I was so tired, but the scenery made up for it. From the hill, I saw a farm and lots of greenery.

My body gave out eventually. I got hit with a fever from the weariness. Good thing it was so hot the following day that my fever went away just a few minutes from walking under the sun. If I got stuck in bed, I would have missed the beach visit at Mt. Bagarabon. Then again, I don’t think the family and relatives would approve of me staying alone in the hotel.

The beach was breathtaking. I am so glad I went there. There are no white sands, but huge white stones that are as smooth as pebbles. The water so blue even. Being the only guests in the resort gave the feeling as if we own the beach. It was the best thing I’ve ever seen there. Next was Sabang where there are houses on stilts near the shore. The houses get flooded when it’s high tide, I heard. How unfortunate that I didn’t get to take pictures because we were in a hurry then.

On the last day of stay, we took a tour around the city proper. There are restaurants and a shopping plaza. It’s not like Manila, but it’s not so bad.

I hope my next visit would be with my friends (and future family). They would also fall in love with Mt. Bagarabon beach. Traveling now to Surigao isn’t as hard as before. Direct flights are already available. Another hotel has opened. That now makes two hotels in the whole city. Food is also cheap especially the seafood.

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