Lomographers Around the World Go Spinning Crazy

The Lomography Spinner 360 got everybody spinning, indeed. Still don’t understand what the fuss is all about? Have a look at some galleries and reviews from the community, as well as from a four-year-old Spinner expert!

The First Twirl on the Community’s Spinner 360° Reactions!

Lomography’s Spinner 360° has spun its way into all our hearts and is taking the world by storm! Shooters from across the globe have been pushing every conceivable photographic boundary known to man with this one-of-a-kind 360° 35mm panoramic camera. In fact, our first production batch sold out immediately!

We caught up with four Lomographers who were quick off the mark and snagged one of the first Spinner 360°s to hit the streets. Check out their galleries and interviews on their first-hand experiences with the Lomography’s Spinner 360°.

lomojoekie used to trot around with a point-and-shoot camera, taking snapshots of interesting scenes – and now with the Spinner 360°, everything just went wild! From reactions like ‘Is it a detonator?’ to ‘Where is the LCD screen’ – it just keeps people talkin’!

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kert gartner went on a wild carnival expedition with the Lomography Spinner 360°, taking it on a double whirl on a spinning ride! He brands the spinning wonder as ‘A Plastic Revolution’ by now and it’s pretty clear why he calls this so!

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lomodirk is one of the most active Lomographers in the community. It’s no surprise then, that when he got himself a Spinner 360° camera, he immediately took it rotating ‘round and about for the entire universe to see!

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makny took the Lomography Spinner 360° camera around the gorgeous streets of Madrid. During these walks she discovered that this much talked about camera makes a great icebreaker for friends and onlookers alike!

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Is your head spinning yet? Grab the Lomography Spinner 360° today and join in on the fun that is captivating the globe. For only 145 USD/EUR, you’ll get the most user-friendly and affordable 360-degree 35mm camera out there that gives you an unbelievable amount of creative shooting options!

Head on over to the microsite to see our Spinner 360° galleries and tips.

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It’s Easy as Child’s Play!

There’s nothing complicated about shooting with the Spinner 360°. Just choose your technique then pull the release cord! Four-year Nil, son of Lomography Directors Matthias Fiegl and Sally Bibawy, was keen to try out this crazy camera and became an expert Spinner in no time! We’ve compiled this handy How To Spin Guide to get you started!

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Check out some Spinning techniques

Save 15 EUR/ USD on the Spinner 360° & DigitaLIZA Scanning Mask!

The DigitaLIZA Scanning Mask was designed especially to make scanning extreme formats, like Spinner 360° panoramas, possible from the comfort of your own home! The DigitaLIZA’s nifty magnetic system holds your negatives in place in preparation for scanning. At the moment we have a special offer when you buy a Lomography Spinner 360° camera you pay just 15 EUR/USD extra for the DigitaLIZA!

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Spinner Fever Rumble

We’ve also got something for all of you currently experiencing Spinner Mania! Join our Spinner Fever Competition, comment and like your favourite Spinner shots and you’ll get the chance to win Piggies sure to make you do crazy cartwheel motions!

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