Vinyl: A Portrait of a Life with Music


One of the requested posts on Analogue Lifestyle was ‘Shoot your vinyl (LP) – let us know of your favorite record, shoot it and tell us why you wouldn’t want music any other way!’, so I decided to show you some of my vinyl and tell you the story behind them. Hope you enjoy it! =)

Music has alaways been part of my life. When I wake up I am already singing a song in my head. When I am driving my car I am always singing something, either ‘a capela’ or screaming from the top of my lungs along with the radio/mp3 player. Meaning, I am a music junkie. Besides, I am not like every other people that say ‘I can listen to any type of music; I like all music in general; I can either listen to Kizomba or to Metal’. NO WAY!

I love rock music, since Elvis Presley to Slipknot (nop, no soft music, thank you! – ok, only ABBA, because it was a gift from my dad to my mom in the 70’s and they have always listened to it).

So, that’s why I’ve chosen these vinyls to show you. Let me tell you a bit of their story:

  • Elvis Presley: this vinyl is a double vinyl and I bought it last year in Germany for 5/6€ (a bargain!). It is 2 in 1: a gift from Germany and a cool vinyl by Elvis =)
  • The Beatles, ABBA and Bee Gees: this vinyls are from my mom and dad’s collection. They all were bought by my father as gift to my mother in the 70’s (Vintage Vintage!)
  • The Velvet Underground & Nico and Slipknot: it was a present from my ex-boyfriend, because he knew how much I loved both Andy Warhol and The Velvet Underground, as well as Slipknot, of course. (The boyfriend is gone, the vinyl is still here =) )
  • The Velvet Underground live: I bought it in a regular music store as an impulse, because I was kind of addicted to Lou Reed.
  • Pink Floyd: I bought it for my birthday as a exchange, because some friends gave me a book that I’ve already had, so i decided to exchange it by a Pink Floyd vinyl

Well folks, and that’s it!

I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you had a good time reading it! =)


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  1. mikahsupageek
    mikahsupageek ·

    Analogue 4ever !

  2. in_search_of_answers
    in_search_of_answers ·

    this spring I've discovered for my the Brothers Gibbs band. they are really great!

  3. ritamiguel
    ritamiguel ·

    thanks you for the likes and the comments =)

  4. rav_bunneh
    rav_bunneh ·

    I miss records. :3

  5. ubmba04jp1
    ubmba04jp1 ·

    Nice article, Rita!
    I still play the Clash 45rpm singles on my turntable, by the way.
    The future is ANALOGUE.

  6. ritamiguel
    ritamiguel ·

    @ubmba04jp1, thanks =) The sound of a vinyl is so much cleaner, softer and nicer than a song on a computer, for example. Go analogue go!

  7. ba_cle
    ba_cle ·

    Of course ! It's incomparable ! It's the same thing with photos. The digital ones are like listening to music on computer , and the vinyl is the analogue photos. By the way, I love Lou Reed too (who doesn't right ? )

  8. ritamiguel
    ritamiguel ·

    Lou Reed is an icon! He's like the superman of music, everyone loves him lol

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