Colorsplash Flash: Put Some Chakras Into Your Shots


Natural tones can be boring, so put some fun dyes and lighting effects into your shots using the Colorsplash Flash Chakra Edition. It is a lightweight, reliable, inexpensive flash perfect for messing around with!

Colorsplash Flash Chakra Edition does exactly what its name suggests. It can put “chakras” – colors, energy, vibrancy, life – into the image. Just press on. Rotate the colorwheel. Snap. Change the filter. Rotate. Snap, snap, snap!

It’s so much fun to use, I always forget to turn it off.

Colorsplash Flash can do wonders regardless of what camera you use or how cheap the film you load. Playing with different color gels (there are 12 of them!) is so much fun. It can fit to any camera with a hotshoe. I’ve used it on my Holga BC TLR and Fisheye 2 and I was even delighted to find that it also works great with Diana Mini using an adapter.

This flash complements films with low ISO very well. In fact, low ISO films show the colors brighter and more vividly than high ISOs. This flash apparently loves even the cheapest of films! Good for me (who can’t afford buying slide films all the time)! Lol! It can put oddity or clarity to portraits and indoor shots. You can make someone’s face red or blue or yellow or a combination of these colors. Everyone can be an artist-magician with this flash and transform ordinary objects and subjects into colorful magnum opus.

I’ve only had the Colorsplash Flash for a month now and I should say it’s one of the most dynamic and useful lomography accessories I’ve laid my hands on. It’s definitely a must-have for every lomographer out there.

Get one now and unleash the creative chakras in you!

written by antibiotyx on 2010-09-20 #gear #review #chakra #lights #colors #accessory #colorsplash-flash


  1. ftaforever
    ftaforever ·

    I just bought one of these. Are there any particular colors that you like using for certain situations?

  2. antibiotyx
    antibiotyx ·

    @ftaforever nothing in particular. what i really like is turning the wheel in between two colors. the combination looks fantastic. just experiment!

  3. pyropanda
    pyropanda ·

    the 12th photo is so striking! I've been on the fence about getting a flash... I think I'll mess about with a few more types of film before I take that plunge. but it does seem very exciting, the world of flash photography. I'm just a bit worried about knowing how to deal with all the specs - watts, intensity, off- vs. on-camera lighting, etc etc. enough to truly boggle the mind! @_@ still; I keep hearing positive things about the Colorsplash Flash. if I do jump into flash photography, that'll be the direction I go in! thanks for the review and lovely varied photo examples! :)

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