Down to Margate

Come down to Margate seaside on the South East Kent Coastline. come and visit the Harbour arm, old town and arcade strip. Because on a sunny day the beach/sea/sky combo is a winner through the lens, especially in contrast to the run down out of date fish and chip shops, arcades and derelict rollercoaster right on the beach front.

I am a sculpture student from Margate currently studying in London. I was born and raised in Margate, a seaside town which thrived until the 80’s. Now you can peer through the closed down theme park gates, visit the 2p arcade machines, walk along the harbour arm with the multicoloured shop and gallery front doors, see the shell lady of Margate, wander through the old town of cobbled streets, the mysterious shell grotto boutique retro shops and pop up gallery’s. Both days of stormy weather and blazing sunshine make for good photographs, although Margate can look very grim on a rainy day.

See their “website”: for events and more insight to the equally interesting nearby seaside towns. In addition The Turner Gallery is being built at the beginning of the Harbour arm, this new development hopes to ignite a new start for Margate and have it once again thriving with tourists. Due to the new gallery empty shop fronts have had various art works installed; in addition various smaller galleries have popped up in the old town.

written by beckyinlondon on 2010-08-27 #places #sea #ice-cream #arcade #rock-pool #fish-and-chips #location #seaside #beach #uk #travel-destination #harbour-arm #margate

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