Splitzer and Masks at the Same Time?


Or how a crazy idea led to another, and another… Discover my “disasters”.

This idea came to my mind for a competition for the spanish site that asked for photos of nice old ladies doing funny things. I wanted to divide the photo in two halves with a splitzer (or whatever I could use as a splitzer), so that the same person (my grandma in this case) would be appearing in the two halves from head to waist, like a king or queen on the playing cards. I would have called this pic “a lady who thinks she is the queen of spades” but the competition deadline was close and I wouldn’t be seeing my grandma for a while, so I stored this idea as “future crazy shots”.

I spent some time seeing lots of pics during some weeks when suddenly I discovered something that I loved: the masks!! and I thought “Why not?” This idea of shooting a whole roll of half-people smiling with a king of diamonds face and with the drawings of the four suits floating in front of them was growing in my mind and I started laughing everytime it came to my head.

About the practical facts (although I think most of you have already tried this):
- for the mask y used a piece of a slide sheet and two permanent markers (red and black). I cut the piece so that it fitted inside the Diana Mini and it sticked it with tape. I want to remind you something that I forgot: if you want to draw something specific or write some words do it upside down, so that it is printed correctly on the photo.

- for the splitzer: I used the first thing I had close at hand: a piece of a black paper bag fixed with tape to the cam. Then I lost it and I ended by using my transport card. I also recommend using “blu tack” instead of tape as it is a bit more handy.

- for taking the photos I placed my splitzer diagonally, blocking the inferior half of the camera’s objective and I shot. Then, I turned the camera upside down, re-placed the spltizer (be careful with this, I even had to draw a sketch to avoid blocking the correct half) and, not winding the roll, I took another photo of the same person. I asked my friends to change their repressions or used different color flashes for the same pic.

About the results… At first I was a bit disappointed because, obviously, they didn’t came out as I expected, mainly because of these: nobody fitted with his or her half and the drawings I made took up the whole photo. But when I showed them to my friends, they loved them and now, the more I see them, the more I like them! They’re curious, at least!

To sum up, my personal opinion about these two techniques:

- the splitzer: I like the results because you can divide the pic in as many parts as you want and the fact that you can’t find a clear line between the images gives the image a tale or mysterious look… I think it is a very promising technique and I will keep on trying!

- the masks: I think they give a different look to my photos, make them more lively or just decorate them, but be careful with the size of the drawings! Make them smaller or just in the corners. I will try again, too.

I hope you liked it and, of course, I here waiting for your advice and suggestions!

written by mochilis on 2011-01-25 #gear #tutorials #tutorial #mask #cards #faces #tipster #friends #diana-mini #home-made-splitzer #tests #top-tipster-techniques
translated by mochilis


  1. leendabob
    leendabob ·

    awesome idea

  2. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    cool! :D

  3. enyiii
    enyiii ·

    cool!!!im gonna try it :)

  4. zoezo
    zoezo ·

    i have already done this tooo :-) hope mine turns out cool like yours :-)

  5. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    Cool idea and well written.. <:))

  6. watttan
    watttan ·

    very creative ;)

  7. eighteyed-hendra
    eighteyed-hendra ·

    already :)

  8. 0live
    0live ·

    if anyone has ever used a mask with b&w, let me know. i would love to see the results

  9. willyboy
    willyboy ·

    I love the results. Really cool! Definitely going to give this a blast with my Diana F+

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