North Sardinia: Magic Lives in the Country and Seashores

I present to you guys, with great pride, the beautiful and wild nature of Sardinia, in a dreamy reportage that highlights the fantastic landscapes and the particular atmosphere of that Italian location. I sure hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them!

The first sensation that I felt when arriving in Sardinia since the first time, was the perfume of MIRTO, a particular aromatic fruit similar to blackberry. It is used by locals to get a particular taste to many traditional recipes and to produce an aromatic liqueur. The mirto flavour followed me across that fantastic land, where the sea has nothing to envy to the Caribbeans and the Mediterranean countryside is an everyday gift of nature beauties. After visiting north Sardinia from 12 years, I finally approached that fairy land with my set of Lomo cameras: Holga 120, Holga 135 BC, Diana F+, Diana mini, and an Actionsampler.

The result is a reportage that portraits a dreamy vision of seashores and countryside, just to let the people have a taste of it and invite them to live those places for real. The advantage of lomo shots was that the images captured a real intense feeling I had in my travel and the different films and X-Process effects helped me to create a visual story with an emotional approach. So, enjoy the images, but if possible, go there and feel the real perfume of mirto.

Franco Calcagnì

written by peteparker on 2010-08-28 #places #location #sardinia #italy #san-teodoro #travel-destination

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