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If you’d like to give your photos a vintage or expired film look, but you’ve got your fridge full of film that’ll take years to expire, this simple tipster is for you!

If you’re the proud owner of a camera like the Lomo LC-A+ or any other camera that allows you to set ISO settings and allows variations in the exposure times according to the amount of light, then you can control the outcome of Redscale film, be it home made or Lomography Redscale: it’s as simple as over exposing the film 3 steps or more, and your photos will look like your grandparents took them, or with those powerful and red traditional Redscale tones. I discovered this by accident, since I was using a Velvia 50F and I completely forgot to change the camera’s ISO setting upon finishing the film. In these sample photos there’s two types of redscale: Fuji Superia 400 shot at 50 ISO, and Agfa Vista 200 shot at 50 ISO.

As you can see, as I advanced the film I realized the mistake I was making, so I decided to randomly start changing the camera’s ISO settings. Due to my lack of money, the film was processed normally, without pushing it or anything special. The eyes of the lady in the lab revealed everything to me when she handed me the photos: My experiment was a success! The results were some photos with the classic redscale look, while others have the colors of expired film, AND ALL IN THE SAME FILM!

written by kutshie on 2011-01-22 #gear #tutorials #35mm #redscale #vintage #tipster #tricks #top-tipster-techniques
translated by reneg88


  1. leendabob
    leendabob ·

    aha! i spot da diana mini!

  2. juliagulia
    juliagulia ·

    great article! I love your pictures:)

  3. parktreeone
    parktreeone ·

    I love this tipster! Nice one, I'm guessing that because redscale is about exposing the wrong side of the film that when your iso is set wrong the over exposing means colours from the other side (the right side) start to seep through, genius!

  4. roald
    roald ·


    BTW, were you using a light meter? if so, whats the ISO setting, 400 or 50?

  5. ali55
    ali55 ·

    lovely photos!

  6. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    That baby cat is adorable!

  7. samguino
    samguino ·

    Fab photos - loving this tip!

  8. bloomingwreath
    bloomingwreath ·

    Ooohh vintage! <3

  9. heneken
    heneken ·

    I tried this with my canon AE-1 with similar results :D

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