Lomographer Fanatics in ”El Escorial” – Part Two

We continue with the Lomography Workshop, Analogical Creativity in Photography, organized by the University of Complutense and Lomography Spain, in San Lorenzo de El Escorial. It’s time now to take a look at all the material obtained over the last few days and create a grand Lomowall using the best material from each participating Lomographer.

Wednesday 21st of July 2010 –A show of five hands, the photo’s in!

The secretary and the lab had to work hard to get our images developed and digitalized in time (91 films, 1781 photos). It was a tough day; we needed to end up with only the best photos (300 in all).

All we heard throughout the day of voting was “in”, “out” and the only exercise we did all day was to put our hands up and down, although Pasquale always had the last word. The ultimate objective of the workshop was to create a combined piece in the form of a Lomowall which could synthesize our vision of El Escorial. Our Lomowall was to be a work of art, made up of 3456 photos arranged chromatically and covering a surface of 8×2.5 meters.

It was such a tough day that even the German Lomographer of the group learned how to say “we do siesta?" Although the worst thing was, we didn’t even get to “have a siesta”.

After dinner we relaxed on the terrace with some Gin and Tonics and watched the documentary the BBC has done on Lomography.

Thursday 22nd of July 2010 – Pasting photos, all day long pasting photos.

The workshop comes to a head and we have to put up the Lomowall. As soon as the photos arrived from the lab we started putting up our Lomo composition. Taking care not to overlook anything and to follow the guiding principles on which the Lomowalls are based: Focusing on colour, transition and pasting the photos properly.

Careful of the bubbles

At around 3:00am, seeing the Lomowall put up and displayed in the Euroforum was more than just reward for our efforts. Very tired, but also excited and emotional to see the eagerly awaited first steps take place.

Friday 23rd of July 2010 – The sixth day and the Lomographer can rest, well some more than others.

We had to get up early so as not to miss the rich and delicious breakfast. The Lomowall was still up, but now surrounded by people, congratulating us on our work. We were even visited by people from the town that we photographed on the first day.

A little wine and some crisps and lots of photos were the perfect way to finish off the workshop.

No doubt, the whole thing’s been an absolute ”blast”

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translated by maloria

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