Lomographer Fanatics in ”El Escorial” – Part One

The most diehard lomographers were united at San Lorenzo de El Escorial this summer, the lomography Workshop, Analogical Creativity in Photography, organised by the University of Complutense in conjunction with Lomography Spain, assembled 12+1 lomographers, all ready to make the most of their lomography cameras.

Sunday 18th of July 2010 – Birds of a feather flock together

Slowly we started arriving at the Euroforum Hotel where we had arranged to have dinner, and from there we started to introduce ourselves. It didn’t take long for everyone to recognise each other, since Lomographers always seem to stand out a bit from the crowd.

The menu consisted of braised peas with ham, grilled steak and a Nanoparticle Researcher for desert. Macarena (the researcher) definitely chose the best table in the restaurant. Once the introductions started we realised that we weren’t even sat at table 14 as we should have been.

Pasquale: You still haven’t introduced yourself.
Macarena: Hi (smiling) I’m not on the course!
Pasquale: What do you mean you’re not on the course?
Macarena: No, no, I just got here late, hehehe.
Pasquale: Well introduce yourself, if you want you can join our course.

Highlight of the evening!!

Monday 19th of July 2010 – The day of sacrifice.

Four hours later, still half asleep, we got up to take the first photos. Our objective: To take Pinhole photos of sunrise from the King’s Throne.

Pasquale, noticing that we were a little inexperienced, decided to go over the 5 basic rules with us and taught us the Caprile approach.

The next mission was to try to portray San Lorenzo de El Escorial and its people. Three hours of strolling around the town, having a couple of beers to cool down, was enough time to give our cameras a rest before we had lunch after our stroll.

To walk off the food we set off for Mount Abantos, where we could get a different perspective. A stroll that supposedly should have taken twenty minutes with Cristina (one of our course colleagues, and a resident of El Escorial) setting the pace, turned out to be a three hour trek, the rest of the group, like five year old kids on a long car trip, asking “are we nearly there yet? My feet hurt!"

After all that the day was known as “the day of sacrifice”.

Up at the crack of dawn, walking without a break, sweating like a pig and taking photos non-stop-

Tuesday 20th of July 2010 – Breaking the rules

When we were told that the only way to get to the ”Valley of the Fallen” was to attend the 11 O’clock mass, we put on our Sunday best, long trousers and covered our shoulders. The first problem was how we were going to get there, two cars weren’t enough. Even though Paloma wanted to walk up, we all got in Pasquale’s ”van” like sardines in a tin. Amongst lots of laughter and a tight squeeze, entrance into the valley turned out to be a complete success. Once at the top, in the shadow of the cross, we took our first photos of the day. Stepping into a world of dungeons and dragons, hiding our cameras wasn’t easy (discretion never having been our strong point). Even so, we were able to take a photo of “Jesus” and the inside of the church.

After an hour of singing, the cold and the smell of incense with the lights out, we got back into the sunlight. We were waiting for the main promenade, to use it as our own background to show the fallen Lomographers.

Food, a quick visit to the monastery of El Escorial, and finally, the moment we’d all been waiting for: The pool! After messing around in the water, taking underwater photos and plenty of laughter (even Jesus had his share of acrobatics) it was time to head back to the Euroforum.

The task of choosing photos for the Lomowall began after dinner. Yawning and voting until two in the morning..

38 hours of activity in a 48 hour course

To be continued…

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