Analogue exhibition in Hong Kong


A young lomographer, Eric Luk, is having his own exhibition in Central, Hong Kong. Around 15 pictures he took are all by analogue cameras, including Horizon Perfekt, Holga and Rolleiflex. The theme of Eric Luk’s Photo Exhibition is “My point of view – What are truth and reality? Do they exist?”

(the preparation in a studio)

It is all about a graphic designer, Eric Luk (24), who is not a professional photographer, but got his interesting point of view on shooting a picture. It is quite different from the general photography exhibition in Hong Kong, and the style is quite “Lomo”, such as shooting by putting the Horizon Perfekt on the ground, or cross-processing the photos. As he mentioned, those photos are scanned from film and printed directly without enhancement. Come and show your support to this young man and analogue photography if you are in Hong Kong.

(the place where the exhibition is)

If you could understand Chinese, here is the passage about the thoughts when he was preparing his photo exhibition:

Room 506, Commercial House, 35 Queen’s Road Central, Central District, Hong Kong

The exhibition is on going until 29 August 2010.

Opening hours:
Wed. Thur. Fri 12:00noon – 6:00pm
Sat. Sun 12:00noon – 3:00pm

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  1. adi_totp
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    good luck eric!

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    thanks for your support!

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    i wish i am there!! :D

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    congrats and good luck eric..

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    Good luck !!
    ¡¡ Buena suerte !!

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    congrats and goodluck.spread the lomo love

  8. ericeast
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    spread the lomo love and share to the world!

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    yo!! all the best!!! :)

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