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I never knew that traveling back in time would be so easy, and so interesting! Folkemuseum in Oslo is an open air museum that hosts many activities and a varied programs during the summer months. It’s especially great destination to spend a day with your family.

On a rainy July day I found my way to the folkemuseum and ended up spending the whole day. I was surprised to find how little I knew about how things were back in time, and how interesting it was actually to find out.

During the summer months the museum’s buildings are tended by hosts dressed up in traditional costumes who are engaged in various activities such as making the traditional bakery products, or looking after the farm animals. The hosts will guide you through what they are doing and answer any questions you might have. Or you can simply observe the life at the museum and literally feel like you are taken back in time.

For children there are many interesting sights and activities. The farm animals and their feeding is always interesting to watch, and there is also the possibility for having a ride with a horse and carriage. On certain days children can also dress up in the old costumes and try out old past-time activities such as this stick-throwing game that requires deep concentration, yet seems to be a lot of fun.

The museum is comprehensive, covering different areas and eras of Norway. The museum is situated in Bygdøy and visiting it is a nice chance to get away from the dust of the town and to enjoy the greenery. Yet it is only about 20 minute bus ride away from the central Oslo.

After my visit I returned to the city feeling refreshed, but also happy to embrace my contemporary, convenient life.

To find out more about the museum, visit their website

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    Lovely galleries. They look out of this time :)

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