Bowonniwet Vihara Temple - Bangkok, Thailand


Bowonniwet Vihara Temple is a first class Royal Buddhist monastery of the Dhammayut tradition, located on the northeast side of Bangkok’s Ratanakosin island, just inside the old city wall bordering Banglumpoo canal, on Pra Sumeru road.

The monastery’s name comes from the Pali language: Pavara+niwesa and translates as the Excellent Abode Monastery.

There have been six abbots from the beginning to the present, three of whom have been Supreme Patriarchs.

In the temple precincts, Buddhist monasteries are usually divided into two sections: Buddhavasa – buildings and structures devoted to the Buddha such as the Uposatha hall, the Cetiya or Stupa, etc., and Sanghavasa – or dwellings for monks (bhikkhus) and novices (samaneras).

The chapel is the most important building in the temple, this is where ordinations and other official acts of the Order take place as well as housing one of Thailand’s most famous Buddha images – Pra Buddha Jinasiha – a Buddha image from the Sukhothai period. Also to be found inside this hall are the distinctive and unique murals painted by well known Thai painter, In Kong, during King Mongkut’s time. Unfortunately, time and moisture have taken their toll and some of the murals have had to undergo a process which includes lifting off whole sections of painted plaster, affixing these to plastic plates and then reattaching them to their former positions.

If you enjoy temple sightseeing, Bowon Temple is one of good location for you to visit.

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