E.L.K.'s Stencil Artshow

We all know the issues with working from analogue to digital, but E.L.K.s astoundlingly intricate Stencil Art works in reverse! E.L.K. (AKA Luke Cornish) is an Australian Stencil Artist producing works out of Canberra, Australia.

On Friday, July 16th 2010, E.L.K.’s debut stencil exhibition, “How You Like Me Now, Bitch!?” was held at The Front Cafe + Gallery, the hub of everything forward thinking and progressive in the artistic scene in Canberra, to great acclaim.

Half knowing, half knowing-of – I sorta-kinda-vaguely knew E.L.K. through the tight knit artistic community that Canberra lays claim to, and decided I’d head along.

Naturally, I casually pocketed my LC-A as I left the house.

Unfortunately, I only had half a roll of film loaded, which turned out to be a massive disappointment, as what I encountered at the show was unlike any work I’d ever seen before.

His work is political, endlessly intricate, and awe inspiring. At most, he tells me, he takes over 200 hours of work to carve.

As I said, I wish I’d had more film to shoot the entire show in detail, but here’s what I snapped.

I had a beer with him during the show and he told me the story of where the show’s title came from:
“I was at a Pre-UNI mixer and everybody from Art School was mingling and getting to know each other. I was chatting to this one girl and we were sharing stories and laughing and just having a good time. Eventually, we got around to the “Interrogation Game” part of getting to know each other and the question of what sort of work I did came up.

I said “Oh, I’m a Stencil Artist.”
She replied “…So, you’re not a real artsit?”

“Well…How You Like Me Now, Bitch!?”

E.L.K. (A.K.A. Luke Cornish)

Check out his Facebook Page.

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