Travellers, Got Films?


Get 20% off on films with purchase of any camera! If you’re planning to push the last bits of sun (or preparing for the rainy/cool seasons ahead) – we’ve got three suggestions for you! Whether you’re the adventurous, slow-paced or budget-wise, there’s a camera for you!

Choice 1: Adventurous Traveller – Lomography Spinner 360°

If your idea of excitement is travelling across the world, you are the perfect candidate for the Lomography Spinner 360° camera! Experience the magnificent width of 360° panoramic photos with its easy operation and multitude of techniques to try.

Buy the Lomography Spinner 360° | Microsite | View Gallery

Choice 2: Slow Paced Traveller – Lubitel 166+
Crazy, fun snapshots can be awesome but we understand that sometimes, you need to slow down and enjoy some quiet time. The Lubitel 166+ is ideal for these moments, with its soft-textured shots and improved features that allow you to control your breathtaking images!

Buy Lomo Lubitel 166+ | Microsite | ==View Gallery ==

Choice 3: A Budget Traveller – Diana MIni

If you’re the type who likes quick snapshots and does not miss a chance to shoot a nice photo, the Diana Mini is the right one for you! This sweet and petite camera is capable of taking half-frame shots and square images using 35mm film, which means that you get 72 shots in one roll! Convenient, huh?

Buy the Diana Mini | Microsite | View Gallery

We’ll Give You an extra hand! 20% Discount on Film with Every Camera Purchase

As you prepare for your journey, we’re happy to provide you with further assistance. When you buy any camera, you’re entitled to a 20% discount off Lomography films! Just add your camera and film of choice and we’ll automatically deduct 20% off the film at check out. Offer valid until August 5th.

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