Hong Kong Western Market

Hong Kong’s Western Market is one of the few historical monuments left in Hong Kong. It is located at Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island. Originally, it was a food market which opened to business in 1844. In 1858, it consisted of two blocks: North Block and South Block. The Western Market that remains now is the North Block as the South Block was demolished in 1980.

The Western Market is an Edwardian-style building with a combination of red bricks and granite bands on a granite base. At its lobby, there is a large arched entrance which is terrific from the historical and architectural points of view. There is a restaurant at the top floor of the Western Market which is very suitable for holding events. I had attended my best friends’ wedding ceremony at the Grand Stage of Western Market in December 2008.

The wedding ceremony started at 6pm as the bride walked gracefully into the hall. The bride and groom exchanged their wedding vows in front of the witnesses and all the guests. It was a truly amazing one as everyone was touched. The wedding dinner was served at 8pm and the food was great.

If there is anyone out there who would like a wedding ceremony similar to this in Hong Kong, this place could be the choice for you. Of course, like many other places, advance booking is needed.

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