Bahia + Lomography = the perfect match

Backpacking in Bahia, with some friends and 2 lomos in my hands: that’s the recipe! In December 2009, 9 girl friends and I went to Bahia to backpack for one month, from Boipeba (close from Salvador and Morro de Sao Paulo) to Caraiva, a little village in the south of the state.

Surrounded by ocean and river, in which the electricity came only two years ago. Breathtaking landscapes!

A few weeks before the trip, I decided to buy a Lomo Action Sampler. Even though I already had a camera with 3 lenses, I wanted that version to have the effect of the 4 sequence pictures, ‘cause I was amazed by the huge possibilities of compositions it was possible to create. And so I did. My package arrived one day before my departure to Bahia, and from there on everything was a blast!

In Bahia I found the perfect conditions to shoot: great light, divine nature, great companies of my friends and, always, a big smile on our faces!

One month after, back to my city, it was time to develop the 3 rolls of films that captured unique moments of our trip. Check them out.

written by maryjane on 2010-08-25 #places #location #travel-destination #bahia-brasil-brazil-summer-verao-praia-beach-joy-friends

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