DJ MISS YELLOW Traveling with Lomo LC-A+


DJ MI$$ YELLOW is a model, film actress and TV talent. She, being a lover of music, is addicted to Hip-hop music these years. And aka “DJ Miss Yellow”, she is invited to perform in parties all over the world. The exciting scenes are captured by Lomographic cameras. She lives in a real “AnalogueLifestyle”!

City: Hong Kong
Country: China

1. How did you shift from an artist to be “DJ Miss Yellow”?

Some years ago I participated in a long TV drama series. The contract restricted me from leaving the region and work for other projects. To better utilize the time, I learnt scratching from a friend. At first I learnt for leisure only, turn out captivated and started getting the equipments. Afterwards, some party organizers invited me to be the DJ. Music and I were seeking each other in the maze. I found music, and my own self as well. Music entertains people and satisfies my desire to perform!

2. How long have you been a Lomographer? How did you meet Lomography? 
My first Lomographic camera was Fisheye No.1 bought a few years ago. Some friends were using multi-lens cameras then. That’s the way I met Lomography.

3. If your photos shown here could have a soundtrack of three songs, what would they be (song title & artist please).

4. Both DJ and Lomography are analogue. Does analogue culture change your life and interest?
The topics among friends become more enjoying and constructive. We both respect the analogue culture, so that we appreciate each other. It improves my self-cultivation and deepens my love to something “raw”.

5. How do you feel when first using LC-A Instant Back+? Do you remember what you shoot?
Wow, wonderful! LC-A Instant Back+ is like the Transformer. This “2-in-1” invention is so irresistible! I shot a lot of self-portraits, and then showed the magic to friends. I would ask them to press the “Eject button”. When the instax mini run slowly from the Instant back, all of them are amazed!

6. If you could take your LC-A+ and LC-A Instant Back+ anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why?
I would go to South America, for “Salar de Uyuni” in Bolivia to shoot this natural mirror. The sky is in 360 degrees. With the blue in dawn and the yellow in dusk, the colour must be stunning!

7. Your Fisheye photos are really cool. When would you shoot with Fisheye? And what will you shoot with LC-A+?
Fisheye is the best to capture funny faces. It will be along with me when I hang out with friends. Usually LC-A+ is to record my feeling, something abstract. Some may be happy; and some may be lonely.

8. Three of the funniest, most unforgettable, hands-down greatest Lomographic encounter that you have ever had.

  • Funniest: My skill of loading film is extremely poor. I have asked a friend in Macau to come back for loading film to the newly arrived Fisheye No. 2!
  • Most unforgettable: The first time of shooting a double exposure of my brother’s proposal. Both of their faces are printed on the photo. Like it so much!
  • Lomographic: Ask the staff in Lomography Gallery Store to shoot me with LOMO camera.

9. What is your favourite topic / person to photograph?
It should be my memory, like cool guys, cool buildings, scenery, graffiti, or feeling.

10. Tell us about some future projects you have coming up. What will be keeping you busy in the near future?

The major plan is to perform in somewhere I never been before, to learn more, to meet more friends from different countries, and to enjoy my life more. Recently I made a Mixtape for a footwear brand. It involves some other DJs, longing for listening to their masterpieces! And I would be a model for my favourite photographer. So exciting!

11. May you tell us more about the project about Mixtape? Anything unforgettable / breathtaking when you being DJ in different countries?

  • The new Mixtape is for CIPHER – The theme is about Hong Kong. You may browse the website to know more about how I get inspired for this piece. This Mixtape is in male style. Welcome any comments!
  • The most breathtaking experience happened when being the guest performer for 2MANY DJs in Macau. Only 10 minutes before they finish their part, I still couldn’t find 2 CDs for DJ in the venue, nor in hotel room upstairs. What a big trouble! Time is running short. I couldn’t catch up the show even I ride on the helicopter to Hong Kong……Fortunately the staff found the CDs. It’s so thrilling!


written by edwinchau on 2011-03-07 #people #girls #music #dj #analogue #underground #hong-kong #power #lomoamigo
translated by singleelderly

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