San Diego: California Sun

San Diego is not as touristic as Los Angeles or San Francisco but it has its own attractive and enjoyable places to see and activities to do. If you’re a beach bum and crave the rays of the sun, head on over here for a great tan!

San Diego has several charming places for the restless traveler. The historic part of San Diego is the Gas Lamp Quarter situated in the downtown which counts with several interesting buildings from the 19th century.


When you leave Downtown you would find nice places to stop. Here I cite just a few, ordered from south to north:

Pacific Beach has a long avenue where you can run, skate or just take a walk and enjoy the ocean. It is full of small bars and pubs where you could find the university students having a break.


La Jolla has the most beautiful beach in San Diego, especially the wild one close to the Scripps Shoreline Underwater Reserve. Here you will find surfers and sea lions more or less in the same proportions…


Encinitas has the typical look of this coast, with white sands and cliffs.


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