Brunete, a classic little town of Madrid


Brunete is a small town situated 28 kilometers to the south east of the capital. Historic for the famous Battle that broke out during the Civil War, leaving the village destroyed, today it is a tranquil haven of peace and silence. Its urban area its own Herrerian style from the reconstructions during the dictatorship, with little farming houses.

We begin our tour through the Plaza Mayor and the Church of the Assumption, a normally quiet area, but our visit coincided with the outdoor market celebration that brought us back in time to the origins of the town.

On the walls of the Church one could still see marks left from the bullets during the Battle. In the town’s surroundings you can see the bunker that served both sides during the Civil War.

When the sun begins to go down we cross through Luis Martín Park, with its playground and skateboarding rink, decorated with graffiti.

We make it to Eras Street to see the sunset on the horizon, over the green countryside filled with wheat and a vineyard.

Once night falls we go to Runaway, a jump in time and space even down to the North American rockabilly. It is an American bar where one can enjoy hamburgers, onion rings and more specialties made in the USA, or begin the night with a drink. No detail is lacking.

If you want to escape this weekend from Madrid, go to Brunete…

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