Music and Colors in the Seville Fair

The Seville Fair is celebrated in April every year. Last year I was lucky enough to be there and witness an event that brings together the best characteristics to photograph. There was so much color, motion, tons of music and above all many people happily ready to be “lomographed” with their traditional outfits giving a special flavor to one’s photographs.

The Fair lasts for a week and you will have the opportunity to see the same city transform as the bright colors of the gypsy clothing begin to invade the streets. By day, there is an abundance of traditional carriages seen throughout the city with men and women who put on a show with their outfits. By night, the partying and dancing abounds, like the typical Sevillian at every one of the booths where you can find delicious food and traditional drinks such as the “rebujito” that is a Andalusian drink made from mixing sherry wine with soda, and as always, beer.

It is also an occasion for the children and Lomographers to make the most of such things as the Ferris wheel, always photogenic for our Lomo cameras along with the other attractions, and of course the constant activity of the children and families that enjoy this event.

Seville revolves around the Fair, so enjoy it with your family and friends! It is the perfect place to capture the joy, festivity and the colors of Seville.

written by nina_ska on 2010-08-23 #places #festival #fair #spain #gypsy #location #sevilla #espana #feria-de-abril
translated by comotuvoz

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