Enchanted Kingdom Revisited

A lot has been written about the Enchanted Kingdom. There is an abundance of photos of this theme park. So what’s one more review? I think it’s the personal experience that counts. Each visit is unique, the shots may look the same but it does evoke memories of the good time you had.

The Enchanted Kingdom (EK) is inarguably the best and only legit theme park we have in the country. It has enough rides and events to fill your day. Since it started opening midday on weekends, one felt pressed for time to go to all the rides, booths and experience all the festivities taking place.

EK has all the rides available for a young kid to a senior citizen (yes the 20% senior citizen discount applies). A child under 3 ft gets free entrance. Special promo rides vary. Last time I was there, there was go-karting. At present they have Biki Waterworld Pools.

They have all the rides you want, it now depends on your taste. For those who want to go through dizzying spells, take the Space Shuttle roller coaster ride, or the Anchors Away. The Log Jam also has it’s moments especially when you take the 3-storey near free fall. The Log Jam is one of the most popular rides and the lines could go 4 rows long.

For the tamer crowd, you can settle for the bump cars (my favorite, finally bumping others without getting a ticket), the Wheel of Fate (a big ferris wheel), those scared of height should avoid this though. The Rio Grande Rapis is also fun but be prepared to get wet (bring extra clothes as well or buy T-shirts being sold in EK).

There are lots of kiddie rides like the Swan Lake; Up, Up and Away, Flying Fiesta (Swings), Grand Carousel, Bumbling Boulders, Air Petrodactyl (they fly in circles) and several more.

They also have a 3D presentation called the Rialto. The theme varies from time to time. To complement the Rialto, they also have a 4D Discovery theatre. You have to experience this one. Those who want a taste of the real thing could opt for the Kart Trak (go karts), Xtreme Paintball, and ATV ride. Horror house? They have that too. It would be better to go there at night for maximum effect. You have been warned.

There are numerous arcade game machines, a tatooing station, and lots of novelty shops. As I mentioned in the beginning, there are just lots of things to do. I definitely missed out something. You just have to experience it for yourself.

To cap your magical tour, they have a parade of cartoon characters and a short show afterwards in the afternoon. They have fireworks display at night and an occasional variety show which varies every month. As for me, I always look forward to my next visit. Needless to say, I always tag along my film cameras to capture this memorable moments with my family and friends.

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