Get Handy with that Flash


Is it dark out? Is it dark in? Either way, if you like light painting or bulb mode photography, you’ll definitely like this tipster.

Shots taken with a Holga 135 BC and a Holga 135 TIM.

What you’ll need for this:
• A tripod
• A cable release and any necessary adapters
• A hot shoe flash with a test button
• A free hand
• If you’re indoors, it’s good to have a wall or something to bounce light off of, but it isn’t required

First, find somewhere dark, preferably either outside at night or indoors in a poorly lit to dark room. Next, get your camera on the tripod securely, attach your cable release, and focus on your subject. Then, open the shutter, take your hot shoe flash in hand (it was never attached to the camera, by the way) and feel for the test button. Aim it at an angle, preferable out of the way of your lens’s field of vision, and fire it off as many times as need be to throw light onto all the parts of the subject you want. Alternately, if you’re close enough, you can just hold the flash directly above or below the lens and fire it there, too. Messing with angles will change the different kinds of shadows you get, as well as people/objects disappear into the darkness.

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  1. kaya
    kaya ·

    sweet idea!

  2. kylethefrench
    kylethefrench ·

    hurray, congrats on your tipster, pic 3 is amazing

  3. awesomesther
    awesomesther ·

    Yes i agree, pict #3 is awesome!

  4. jandra
    jandra ·

    YES, PIC 3!

  5. decafujita
    decafujita ·

    Love it! Great tip!!

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