Discovering the Beaches at Tossa de Mar


Tossa de Marr is located in the province of Gerona, Cataluña, 103 kms away from Barcelona. It is part of the region known as Selva, which stands in the Costa Brava. According to INE (National Institute of Stadistics), in 2008 had 5.854 inhabitants.

At the beach there is a small town called Vila Vella, fortified by a middle ages wall which contain seven circular towers. The wall probably was build in the XII century to defend the town from pirate attacks. Inside they still survive the remainings of a chuch and the governor’s palace from the XIV century. In Roman times the city was known as Turissa.

Near this emplacament we can also visiit the archeologic findings of what it was a IV century Roman “villa” called nowadays Els Ametllers. There we can visit a museum with archeological colections composed by local and foreigner painting, sculpture and glass objects.

My journey started early in the morning, coming by car from Barcelona. The sky was calm and with such an amount of trees I started playing along with my supersampler.

Once there, we found a nice and comfortable apartment and at its entrance the dogs gave us a barkly welcome.

But of course, before going to the beach, we profited the chance to take some cervecitas in a terrace, where a curious character observed us from a tree.

What was it doing there? who was it? what was that it kept its attention? He never answered our questions!

Without delay then, we went straight to the beach.
After meandering through small and cute streets, the beach opened its turquoise waters to us.

The first step on its sand thoug, was painful… being it made from small pieces of what were long ago big stones make you sink in it… and it may hurt the sensible feet.

We enjoyed the sun, the blue waters and the beutiful sights.

It is truly a beautiful place to enjoy and play with your lomos and take the best pictures.

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  1. ali55
    ali55 ·

    lovely pictures and interesting article!

  2. isabel_mebarak
    isabel_mebarak ·

    @ali55 Thanks for post and read my article! :D

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