Hong Kong International Airport

Chek Lap Kok Airport, succeeding and replacing the Kai Tak Airport, became Hong Kong’s International Airport in 1998. Handling 45,560,888 passengers in year 2009 alone, it’s now the world’s 13th busiest airport so you’re sure to bump into someone interesting!

The airport has a total of 70 gates in its Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, covering an area of 570,000 m². About 90 airlines around the globe fly to over 150 destinations each day. Hong Kong International Airport is considered as an international transit hub for its strategic location in the Asian continent.

Being a frequent flyer to Hong Kong (thanks to my sister who’s working in Hong Kong), I’ve been to this airport for many times. Each time I just walked quickly out from the arrival hall to the bus station, or rushed to the check-in counters for boarding passes. I guess that’s everyone’s story of the airport. I mean, who would want to stay long enough in the airport when they have their next destination to go? That’s right, an airport is just a transit for everyone.

This is a place where people separate and reunite. This is a place where you can see tears and laughters, everyday.

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