Ocean Park, Hong Kong


Behold the majesty and excitement of Ocean Park in Hong Kong where you get to see both aquatic and land-based animals! You can watch the dolphins perform their amusing antics or watch the cuddly pandas play! It’s all here at the Ocean park.

Hong Kong Ocean Park was established in year 1977. It is a combination of marine mammals and animals theme park. There are basically 7 attractions in the park, namely the Headlines Rides and Adventure Land which include the roller-coasters rides; Amazing Asian Animals and Marine Land which bring to you many different species of animals and marine life; Lowland Gardens, home to An An and Jia Jia, the first 2 pandas of Ocean Park; Tai Shue Wan Entrance that features 75 species of birds; and last but not least the Whisker’s Harbour where you would find many young visitors here.

Ocean Park is so huge that I could have spent a few days there, but due to limited time in a day, i was only able to visit the Amazing Asian Animals, Marine Land and Lowland Gardens.

What attracted me most in the Marine Land was the spectacular sea jellies show! There were over 1,000 fluorescent sea jellies of all sizes, shapes and colours float serenely overhead of us. It was simply amazing!

In the Lowland Gardens and Amazing Asian Animals zone, I saw pandas for the first time. I was so excited seeing them but apparently they’ve got bored of us, the people, they just lay on the grass or rocks and made no movements. Sometimes, they yawned. It was so lovely!

I was also able to catch a show at the Ocean Theater. The title of the show was “Sea Dreams”. It was really amazing to see how well the marine mammals could communicate with their instructors, and how obedient they could be. By the way, the dolphins could sing really well!! The showtimes for “Sea Dreams” are 11:30am, 2:00pm, 3:30pm and 5:00pm daily, make sure you don’t miss it if you’re ever there!

Don’t forget to plan your trip first before you’re going there, as you might not have enough time for everything in there:
visit their official website

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  1. scriptkat
    scriptkat ·

    I went to Ocean Park many times as a kid growing up in HK; thanks for posting and bringing back memories.

  2. lihooi
    lihooi ·

    @scriptkat, thanks for your time reading the article. :)

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