Developing Color Negative Film in B/W Chemicals,


I always wanted to know what happens if I develop color negative films in b/w chemicals. i just gave it a try! and I liked it!

I recently was looking for an old Agfa Cts on eBay, found an auction with two rolls of lovely Agfa CT and four rolls of Kodacolor! Lucky I am that I got this six rolls of film for € 5,50. Then I started thinking what I could do with that Kodak films! and I decided to answer my self a question that I had in mind for quite some time! After some internet research on how long I have to develop my film, I got help from chardis at lomoforum.

Then on the weekend I loaded my Pop 9 with one roll of Kodacolor film, looking forward to develop it. after finishing the roll I realised that it wasn’t a roll of Kodacolor 400….it was Kodacolor VR 200 but nevermind, some shots were pretty underexposed.

So today I developed that film 21 minutes in ilfosol 3, 1+9, then used ilfostop (30 sec) and ilford rapid fixer (4 min), washed it out and scanned the niegatives! i expected the photos kinda softly colored but out came som pitured that looked like they were taken fifty years ago!

I may try this again with fresh film and 400 iso!

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  1. toropyzhka
    toropyzhka ·

    looks nice!

  2. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    i once did redscale doubles. the film was in a b&w cannister so the lab got that wrong - still like the results and should try it again seeing yours...

  3. schommsen
    schommsen ·

    nice idea!

  4. stouf
    stouf ·

    Great ! Kodak Portra 160NC in Rodinal is sweet too... ( ... : )

  5. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·


  6. pietrone
    pietrone ·

    pulex, have you ever tried Caffenol? I used it with Kodak Colorplus 200 and the results were not so bad

  7. cyan-shine
    cyan-shine ·

    Awesome! Wanted to try it out in Rodinal for quite some time now, I think the moment has come ;)

  8. pulex
    pulex ·

    thanks to all of you!!

    @pietrone: as i always have som b/w developer at home i never thought about trying caffenol!!

  9. herr_zeit
    herr_zeit ·


  10. dyluzo
    dyluzo ·

    beautiful love the sepia look !

  11. michell
  12. glenn
    glenn ·


  13. tmgreenhalgh
    tmgreenhalgh ·

    These photos look great. i gave this a go printing colour slides with b/w chems.

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