Verdens Ende - The World's End


Verdens Ende translates to the world’s end and I have always wanted to visit this place because of its name. Going there to watch the sun rise at 4am was a bit of a crazy idea but at the same time an idea that seemed significant in it’s hopefulness: at the world’s end the sun rises yet again! The perfect way to celebrate the summer solstice.

Summer holidays but I’m not up for traveling far or having to put up with crowded airplanes or hot and touristy foreign cities. I want some space around me. I want the sound of waves crashing to the shore, the fresh breeze from the sea. I have never been to the world’s end (Verdens ende) which is only about 2 hours drive away from Oslo, but the fact that it is called the world’s end has always intrigued me. When the opportunity to travel to Verdens Ende for a Vivaldi concert and to watch the sun rise at 4 am came along I was all up for it. Something about the idea of watching the sun rise at the world’s end seemed reassuring and full of hope.

The name of the place says it all: it’s the end of the world and there’s hardly anything there. Except rocks carved by the ice age long ago and the sea. The darkness before the sun rise adds to it all. Yet this is exactly the appeal of the place. Being back to the basics of rock, sand, sea and salt. I feel like I am far away and almost as if standing outside of time.

It’s worth visiting this place during the mid summer time and in the early morning. In the mornings the light is better, and that way the place won’t be full of other tourists either. There is also something magical about sitting on the rock, wrapped up in a blanket and waiting for the sun to appear. And while you slow down your tempo you might find that there are all sorts of bird and animal lives going on around you.

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  1. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    very mysterious location!

  2. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Beautiful location.

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