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I met Adrian, a.k.a. nation_of_pomation here on It was kind of funny I guess… both of us had not one, but TWO interviews chosen by Lomography for the “Top 10 Interviews with a Photographer” series. Conversation ensued in our LomoHomes, and honestly, his photographs inspired a noob-head like me and gave me tons of ideas for my own shooting!

So, who exactly are you?

Who, or what, anyone is, is all based upon perception and your relationship with the societal confines in which you live. But, in a less general response, I’m a soon-to-be college freshman with a few really weird obsessions, this being one of them.

When did you start taking pictures? Did you start with analog, or did you transition into it at some point?

I started on May 23rd, 2009, when I was given my first analog camera, my Holga 120 FN (her name is Greyson). I’d messed around with digital cameras when I was a kid and didn’t know any better, but it never felt very organic or endearing or rewarding.

Tell us about your analog gears. What would you say is your most favorite to shoot with?

What, all of them? Well, I have a Holga 120 FN (Greyson), a Holga 135 BC (Baby Cousin, which ceduxi0n apparently thinks is hilarious), a Gold Harikin Slim (Greyson, Jr.), a Kodak Retina II C (Tina), a Fisheye No. 2 (Fishy), a Blackbird, fly (Biclops), an ActionSampler (Acty) an Ilford Sprite 35 (Ed), and two 600 Polaroids I’m waiting to use one day. Then, I have the Holga 120 fisheye, wide angle, telephoto, close up, and macro lenses, the full Holga lens set (5 sets of filters) with the additional lens filter holder, a 35mm back, the 120 cable release adapter and a cable release. I believe that is everything. My favorite is definitely my Holgas, though I almost count them as the same camera, since they’re practically identical, film formats aside.

Time to share your dream with us! Right now, what would be your dream photography project? Does it also include a dream location?

Right now, I want somewhere fairly dark, perhaps with a white wall, for some bulb mode experimentation, I’m really enjoying messing with light painting and external flash use lately.

Where do you wish to reach with your photography skills? Do you ever wish to go professional, or would you rather have it as a hobby?

I mean, if I could start selling prints to people and show some, that would be sweet, but I’m alright with staying as a hobbyist for now.

Something outside of the box. Tell us of one thing that is really important to you, that has nothing to do with photography! Something you’d die to preserve. (Or, does something like that exist at all at this point in your life?)

Theater. It’s my real passion, it’s what I want to do professionally, and it’s what I’m going to major in, in college. It is and will always be my first love, as far as art is concerned, and I only shoot if I’m not in the middle of a production, which is why I may have 2-3 month long dry spells.

Finish this sentence. “When I grow up, I want to ___”

Be an actor or a comedian, either would be nice.

I know you love, love, love Holgas! Tell us which is better. Light leaks or no light leaks? Why?

This is one of those questions where in my good conscienceI can’t say one or the other. It’s all about personal taste, really, so it’s all really relative. For me, though, it’s a picture by picture thing, though I have a live and let live attitude about them. That is to say, if I get one in a shot, cool. If not, whatever, it still (hopefully) looks cool.

If you are given money to buy any camera of your choice, what will it be? And also, why?

Oh, come on, don’t do this to me… I have to pick one? Uh, well, right now, I’m yearning for my own Holga 135 TIM, because I have a checklist of kinds of cameras I still need (a pinhole, an instant, a half frame, and a stereo camera), and it would kill two birds with one stone by giving me a stereo and half frame camera in one. Also, having an aperture of f/22 on the camera has come in quite handy in my short time using one.

Any parting words for fellow analog lovers?

Keep it real, folks. Just do what you do, save as much money as you can, what happens, happens, there are no such things as “good” or “bad” until you yourself decide that these labels exist and apply to your photos (or anyone or anything), and the difference between art and an accident is intention. So, what do you intend to do, then?

Photographer Info:
Adrian Douglas Gilliam

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