Old Salt Building and Vancouver Olympic Village


The amazingly beautiful Old Salt building and Olympic Village area of Vancouver. This area was transformed for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Situated on False Creek this spectacular location is must visit for Lomographers at any time of day. At night it is particularly worth a visit.

Having seen this area on TV during the 2010 Winter Olympics here in Vancouver, i just had to check this area of the city out.

During the day this area of the city is popular with cyclists, inline skaters and walkers, and who could blame them in such a location as this. On my first visit i went during the day minus camera, i was amazed at what work had been done. The Olympic village looked great, over looking the city center, a mixture of metal, wood and glass it screamed west coast architecture. Walking along by the sea there was a large open space and at the back a Large red building, with 2 Sparrow sculptures and a large landscaped area with benches more sculptures and nice hardy plants.

I must come back here at night and see what its like. With my New Lubitel 166+ i returned along with a Tripod, cable release and a roll of my favorite blank and white film, Ilford Delta 400 and a Assistant in the form of my friend Catherine.

The Old Salt building was darker than i had hoped but the large landscaped area at the front of it was spectacular. Lights changed color, illuminating the surroundings it was quite spectacular, a bridge by day looked good, but it was even better at night thanks to a row of lights along the handrail of it entire length.

I spent a good 2 hours photographing, looking for the right angles and just soaking in the atmosphere. A few people were also awe struck and i bumped into another photographer who had the same idea as i had. He was very interested in the Camera i was using.

I looked at the my watch it was after midnight, it was time to go, the roll of Film was Full. I encourage anyone who visits Vancouver to go and have a look at this wonderful place, i’ll be going back, next time with color film. I hope to see you there.

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  1. fash_on
    fash_on ·

    cool! I didn't go there yet, must go see for sure :)

  2. dirklancer
    dirklancer ·

    GREAT shots!

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