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It’s like riding a bicycle… or taking a picture… it’ll last longer.Truly there isn’t anything quite like riding a bicycle, as far as I know. You learn it eventually, and usually and well you sometimes get off that bike for years, no reason to ride your bike where you live sometimes. You get back on that bike years later, you just know how to do it, how to get those wheels rolling. That’s not really the point though.

It’s different for me, I love bikes because I love taking pictures of them. I love going around in cities snapping away at whatever random bike i see chained up to whatever thing they’re chained up to. Broken bikes are actually more interesting though, and I don’t mean those bikes without the front tire and/or seat, I mean really broken ones. Most people will just pass them by and never think twice about them, that’s if they noticed it in the first place in a city full of bikes. For me it’s different, they tell a story, you can’t forget that someone most likely rode or rides that abandoned bicycle.

They have a story to tell, while their owner is at work or doing whatever it is that lead to this (hopefully) temporarily abandonment. They get to see the world, at least what goes on around them. If it’s hot out, their body becomes hot to the touch, if it pours out their handle bars and pedals might be difficult to get a grip on.

You walk though a city, like New York City and all around you are bicycles scattered along the sidewalks (well, the side of the sidewalks). No two have lived the same life, go snap away, stop and look and study or just snap and go.

You could just love riding them, the sense of freedom of mobility or one of many similar things, but I love seeing them in the natural habitats, or unusual ones. I love seeing someone’s ride and knowing it has a story.

written by plesaleza on 2011-05-30 #lifestyle #bike #bikes #photos #bicycles #stop #snap #photographing


  1. ali55
    ali55 ·

    lovely article! I also love taking photos of bicycles :)

  2. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    I can't ride a bike, but I love bikes, I have some photos of bikes too...<:)

  3. naomac
    naomac ·

    I like taking photo's of bikes too.

  4. bulletofmine
    bulletofmine ·

    If I was in my hometown, I always borrow my brother's bike, cycling around the town and shoot !

  5. linusbm
    linusbm ·

    Love riding bmx and love bikes in general. Definitely the best way to transport yourself!

  6. anahgem
    anahgem ·

    Bikes are the best! Lovely article

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