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If you’re like me, which I assume you are since you’ve made it this far on the internet, you love some aspect of photography if not simply snapping away at everything around you. For me I love cameras, I love looking at cameras I love planning what camera to buy next, I love learning about all the thousands (or maybe just hundreds) of different types of cameras that are out there. Loving something like that is never enough, you have to share it with the world, at least I think so.

That’s basically my goal, to share with the world the many different sides of photography, I’m still new to this so I can’t really say i have a bias, film or digital, but who really is that interested in learning about new stuff. I like the old stuff, made new. I love to write about my experience with photography, though it’s not all that exciting very often. I’ll be entering a new life filled with photography and art (on an academic level) very soon and I’d love to share with all of you what my cameras and I can show you.

Lomography is a part of someone’s life, hopefully, if they own more than a handful of cameras (though a handful would probably only be one camera). Share it with the world, those around you and those who live across the world that you’ll probably never meet. If you live to shoot, you’re a Lomographer, you don’t need a Holga, Diana or a LC-A,+ you just need film, passion, and persistence.

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written by plesaleza on 2011-05-17 #lifestyle #shoot #cameras #photo #lomography #passion #live-to-shoot #persistence


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    it's now actually and

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