Yogyakarta, Indonesia: A Spiritual Experience


Yogyakarta- a stunning part of Indonesia, home to the largest Buddhist temple in the world and the still active volcano Merapi. With my brand new Holga and roll of black and white film, I sought to capture the spirituality and wonder of this beautiful destination.

My first experience in Yogyakarta was climbing up to the active volcano Merapi. My father and I woke up at 4am to be led in complete darkness through the luscious forest hills by our very experienced guide. We watched the sun set upon Merapi whilst it was smoking from its top quite clearly. As we descended from our trip, I wondered how the guide knew the way so well, as I could actually see how complex and deep the forest was.

Equally stunning was our visit to Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in the world. The many levels and complexity of the temple were a delight to get lost in, and upon reaching the top the views of the surrounding landscape were remarkable. The history behind the temple itself is also fascinating, through the mysteries of how it was built and it’s story of abandonment and rediscovery.

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  1. ecchymoses
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    beautiful place, beautiful shots!

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