Quickie Tipster: I Dare You Not to Wind!


Having trouble shooting those weird yet fascinating double exposures? It’s really easy, as long as you let your camera do the work. This tiny tip will help you!

Double exposures are great fun, in making them as well in watching them. The advantage is that you can look at a MX longer without getting bored. If you made a MX, it’s fun to recognize where and how you shot the picture. If you didn’t make the MX yourself, it’s fun to figure out where, how and what the hell is going on in the picture!

If you have trouble of difficulty selecting and shooting 2 (or more) different scenes, here’s the solution: Never wind after you’ve shot!!
It’s actually more the 11th golden rule than a Tip.

Even if your subject is nice enough to have a print all for itself, don’t wind your film. That picture might be 10 times cooler with a unexpected MX!
Now you might say: “This interferes with Rule Number 7: Be fast”
Then I say:“Look at Rule Number 10: Don’t worry about any rules!”

For example: the picture above. It’s a monkey riding a banana…! That’s sweet as it is! But after driving for a while I added my helmet head and a red lantern. I could never imagine this image!
That’s the power of Lomography/analogue photography, the simplicity with which you can create complicated, unexpected things!

The difficulty is to remember what you’ve shot last. But on the other hand, the accidental pictures are the most beautifull ones.
So go out there, shoot, DON’T wind, shoot again later, DON’T wind, dare yourself to shoot again and wind your film!

Experimental greeting!

written by kamiraze on 2011-01-11 #gear #tutorials #mx #wind #tipster #double-exposure #top-tipster-techniques


  1. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    nice! :D

  2. woosang
    woosang ·

    Just got back my first mx film. Many times I forgot to set the camera to mx,( it was a canon 10qs) but I hav now upgraded to a smena 8m I can't wait to finish this roll!!

  3. serpanterra
    serpanterra ·

    Is there a tried and tested way to avoid overexplosing your shots? Or is it just trial and error/intuition?

  4. roonandbeks
    roonandbeks ·

    Nice doubles! Check out more in our fisheye doubles group on flickr. Snoogins.

  5. arabrab
    arabrab ·

    Can I make double exposures with my lomo fisheye 1?

  6. coldkennels
    coldkennels ·

    @serpanterra: The key is to underexpose by one stop for each shot of a double exposure. If you have an automatic camera (a la LC-A), you just change the film speed to the next fastest one (i.e. 400 instead of 200 for a 200ISO film). If you have a manual camera, you can just close the aperture up one stop or decrease the shutter speed by one step.

    And if you have a toy camera... you just have to hope your film speed's okay for the lighting conditions!

    One big tip is that colour negative film has more latitude than slide film (and black and white is more forgiving than both), meaning it'll be more forgiving on those double exposures.

  7. kamiraze
    kamiraze ·

    Thanks :D
    @woosang: Give me a heads up when they are done :D

    @arabrab: Yes and no. The Fisheye 1 does not have a MX button. You can however after shooting a roll, wind it back without letting the film getting back inthe canister. Listen closely and feel when the pressure while rewinding drop to zero, give a half turn and it should be perfect. You can now re-load that film and double it. Of course, you do not have any control over the alignment of the pictures or what's on it. But that's the fun part :)

    @coldkennels: Excactly! And thanks for the tip about slide. I noticed that with 2 slide rolls. Watch the iso setting on slide. On negative film it's usually all okay.

  8. arabrab
    arabrab ·

    @kamiraze Thanks!! I was thinking of trying that indeed... I wonder how its going to turn out!! (Fun!!)

  9. odjur
    odjur ·

    I ADORE the 4th picture! Great!

  10. roxanneross
    roxanneross ·

    the 4th picture turned out the best :D

  11. iamtheju
    iamtheju ·

    I love to take MX photos but I often chicken out and wind on. when i've taken a good photo i don't want to risk messing it up. I generally plan all of my MX shots.

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