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We want you, we want you, we want you as a new recruit! We have just updated the Magazine, and along with its new look, we’ve also loaded it up with tons of exciting content! Read to see how YOU can contribute to the Magazine, and pick up some Piggy Points while you’re at it!

Everyone Has a Story to Tell

The Magazine has a new look and loads of fresh content! Expect even more of what’s new and interesting in the analogue world with three new sections: the News, Analogue Lifestyle and Reviews. Plus we’ve got an updated batch of Requested Posts and Piggy Point* guidelines; with bigger rewards. Now we’re calling on you to keep the movement going! Share your stories, knowledge, and analogue interests with Lomographers for the joy of telling a good tale or just to pick up some extra points.

  • Piggy Points are little gems that are worth 1 EUR/USD/GBP each and can save you a pretty penny of your next purchase at the online shop!


The hub for current information, coverage of all things related to analogue photography and important updates on the latest from Lomography. Learn more about the newest analogue products, read about projects from the community and analogue enthusiasts the world over, watch videos and stay in the know.

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Analogue Lifestyle

Catering to community members and analogue enthusiasts alike who wish to discover what others are doing in the analogue world, as well as share the many ways in which they find analogue photography inspiring and meaningful. In short essays, real life stories, special interest pieces, projects as well as critiques, discussions and interviews, we examine analogue photography and the analogue approach to life.

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The place to get first-hand knowledge from the people who know analogue photography tools and products the best. From cameras, films and accessories you can browse by brand, film type or accessory type to find product photos and sample galleries.

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For everyone who can’t get enough experimentation, whether it’s quickie tricks to have fun with, tutorials, or some of the more daring camera modifications, you’ll be hooked on the limitless new things to try with analogue. You won’t find this kind of thing in the user manual! The Tipster section is also home of the Film Lab Rats section for those who like to burn, test, warp and do all other sorts of crazy things in and occasionally outside the darkroom.

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Lomography has a dream and you’re at the heart and sole of making it happen! We are taking on the task of mapping this beautiful world of ours one analogue photo at a time. What better way to bring this global community together than sharing the hidden gems, landmarks, travel tips, happenings and personal stories about locations you’ve seen with your own eyes and want others to experience?

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Piggy Points Galore!

The Magazine is the Lomography community’s platform! Don’t hold back, your posts are what it is all about. If you love reading you’ll love sharing even more. With badges for publication as well as feedback, Likes, sharing on Facebook and @Lomography%20">Twitter, you’ll find there is no better feeling. Plus, there are loads of opportunities to win Piggy Points to boot. Here is the Piggy Point system rundown:

  • All published submissions will receive 5 Piggy Points in all sections mentioned above (Locations, Reviews) when they are published.
  • When a submission matches a topic from the “Requested Posts” you can add another 5 Points to that for a total of 10 Piggy Points per publication.
  • Translated posts get 5 Piggies for every published & approved post. See guidelines
  • As requested: Tipsters now have Piggy Points!
  • If your post is featured in a newsletter you can look forward to getting an additional 10 Piggy Points. (Please contact if you see your contribution on our any Newsletters! These exclude ‘Top Posts’ in the Magazine Times and similar rank-based Newsletters)
  • Each month we will feature one (or more) post/s from Locations, Reviews and Tipster. These posts will receive an additional 20 Piggy Points!
  • Further Revised Piggy information can be found in our Piggy Point Guidelines

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Until Thursday 29th July 2010 only, the more you spend the more free goodies you get automatically added to your cart! See here for spending boundaries or start shopping right now.

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