Lomography on the Beach - Off season


The middle of the year in Brazil is the ideal time to make a trip to the beach without the summer havoc. The cool weather invites you to spend more time clicking away with your camera than fooling around in the beach. These are my suggestions of cameras to take in this trip.

How about a quick trip to the coastland right now, while the weather is cooler (or colder, depending on where your coastland is), and going through a few rolls of film on the beach?

The colder climate that comes with this time of year is an invitation for beach trips that involve a little less swimming, a perfect time to take your Lomographics for a promenade! Since you’re not that into partying, aquatic fun, or any of that other stuff, you can concentrate in getting to know better your favorite coastal city!

Recommended Cameras:

Fisheye n º2:

Without a doubt, the Fisheye is the official camera to take on trips.; with her angle of vision and the unmistakable roundness that seize the photos. She is ideal to show the most of the places you visit, and you even get to appear in the photo.

Diana F+

She is stylish, she can photograph with either 120 or 135 film, make double and/or long exposures, has an enormous collection of interchangeable lenses, in essence, an own party to take to a trip, providing several options of combination of lenses and films.

Actionsampler Flash

In case you can’t resist some coastal action, she is your ideal option to show all the fun of the beach in small analogic films, but with the advantage of the synchronized flashes that allow you to photograph in any lighting condition, in the dark or against the sun.

But since Lomography is largely based on Golden Rule n° 10, any camera is suitable for the purpose of capturing the fun moments of a trip.

So show your best lomography at the beach, be it during the summer or winter, and take whichever you consider your favorite camera!

written by dux_x on 2011-01-10 #gear #tutorials #fun #trip #tipster #beach
translated by rsadi


  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    is this a tipster??

  2. fash_on
    fash_on ·

    and it's summer right now in Brazil isn't it?

  3. lucianamorin
    lucianamorin ·

    yes it is =)

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