Hello Lomography Color Negative 400 120!


Let me introduce you my everyday film. With its 400ISO, it performs well in many situations inside the lady. Here is the Lomography Color Negative 400 120 Review.

Caution : And only tried on this camera cause it’s my only medium format for the moment!

After trying films from my local shop, I decided to order some of these cause of their price (won’t lie to you!)… So cheap. What’s the deal… Is it a not so good film?

Whenever I bring one of these to my local photography shop for processing and they asked me what’s that film, I think it’s the first time they see something from Lomography! I told them it was some film made by a society in Austria made for Lo-Fi photography. They were a bit unsure of what they will have at the end and so do I. But I was sure that Lomography won’t try to make some shitty things to my shots!

I came back home with my film, scanned it and then I fell in love with its lovely grain and colors. Its unique grain added some dreamy and old kind of thing to my pictures. And it’s the only roll that grips really well in my Diana film spool. Lucky me!

It’s a dreamy roll for sweetness and nicely coloured shots. You can use a lot of them in a few times and won’t hurt your wallet… Quality/price FTW!

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  1. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    nice review and gallery! this is a must try! my diana has never experienced a film iso of speeds higher than 160

  2. peri
    peri ·

    My first lomo try.. I am very inexperienced.. How can we develop Color Negative film, it is diffirent than the usual films..

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