Tian Zi Fang, Tai Kang Road


Tian Zi Fang is at Tai Kang Road in Luwan District, Shanghai, no. 210 road, gather artists, painters, photographers, art dealers, specialty restaurants, cafes and bars in this place. It’s small entrance hides the many great art treasures.

Tian Zi Fang ,Shanghai, has a strong flavor, like a labyrinth. When you find something interesting at the store or when you walk to a corner of the old place, it will give you a pleasant surprise. Each corner of a wall is decorated by film background, the old brick with a trace of spider web, and a stylish decor shop signs. At Tian Zi Fang please don’t hide your camera in the bag, shoot it!!!

Tian Zi Fang is also well-known as an the art gallery. You can buy some art souvenirs or you can also enjoy the outdoor cafe with a coffee or tea while enjoy a sun shine. I especially love a set of the Big Daddy Breakfast , and only in Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm that you can enjoy this meal. With a cup of coffee can make a wonderful Sunday.

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translated by phiphu


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    Best regards from Pasquale Caprile.
    Lomography Spain.

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    i miss shanghai! i wanted to go there again! :)

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